It is now more important than ever before for hospitals and all healthcare facilities to follow a strict medication waste disposal policy compliant to all federal regulations. There are hefty fines facing hospitals and healthcare facilities that violate DEA Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 21 as outlined in SUBCHAPTER I, CONTROL AND ENFORCEMENT, Offenses And Penalties.  Similar fines and criminal convictions face violators of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act as enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA.

Rx Destroyer™ is a leader in the pharmaceutical waste disposal industry, offering turnkey solutions with a wide selection of easy to use products and compliance to DEA and EPA regulations.  We have a map of distributors across North America that can deliver the best products for your facility and we will help to match you up with a waste hauler to meet your needs.

DEA Compliance Consulting Services

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. provides turnkey solutions with pharmaceutical waste disposal compliance consulting services. Our experienced team provides education and industry best practices to our clients. Our strategic partner, GTC Consulting Services offers additional DEA consulting services from developing a comprehensive strategy to assisting with risk mitigation and litigation support.

Easy to Use Products with No Contracts

Our wide selection of easy to use products available in various sizes meet the needs of any facility.  We offer drug disposal containers for various all-purpose medications such as pills, capsules, tablets, lozenges, patches, suppositories and more. Our drug disposal containers for liquid medications provide a quick and effective method to dispose of liquid IV and syringe injectable medications.

Choose from various product accessories like a wall mount and lock box.  Rx DestroyerTM begins dissolving medications on contact. As medications are dispersed in the activated carbon slurry, diversion is discouraged and potential environmental harm is reduced. We are continually improving our products and offer personalized service to meet your unique needs.  Our drug disposal products do not require batteries, water, or contracts.

Rx Destroyer™ is dedicated to saving water and saving lives, one prescription at a time. Our turnkey solutions prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination, helping to keep healthcare facilities and communities safer. Contact us to learn more about our turnkey solutions with easy to use pharmaceutical waste disposal products and DEA compliance.