controlled substance disposal productsWhile every healthcare facility recognizes the importance of medical waste segregation and proper disposal, the challenges facing busy or understaffed healthcare facilities allow for unsafe, noncompliant practices to continue.  Prior to the most recent DEA Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 21 effective September of 2014, and the EPA 40 CFR Protection of the Environment, regulations were lacking, confusing, and ineffective.

Healthcare facilities in all industries simply dumped liquid medication down the drain and flushed pills to dispose of unused medications. This led to widespread environmental contamination and contributed to drug diversion. Healthcare facilities and medical centers in all industries including hospitals, surgical centers, emergency services, veterinary clinics, dental practices, long-term care facilities and more must have an effective medical waste segregation and disposal policy in place.

This is required to prevent drug diversion, a serious problem in the United States, and environmental contamination of pharmaceutical waste. In order for this policy to be effective, all staff must be trained and held accountable for the management of pharmaceuticals and medical waste in their facility. All medications should be followed from “cradle to grave”, with proper documentation from generation to disposal.

All staff including pharmacists, physicians, nurses, clinicians, senior administrators, environmental services and any support staff involved with generating, managing or disposing of medical and pharmaceutical waste must be trained on the proper procedures.

Work with an Experienced Medical Waste Provider

Working with an experienced medical waste provider is the best way to overcome the challenges of safe and compliant waste management and disposal.  An experienced medical waste provider should ensure full federal compliance with drug disposal practices and products and provide solutions to your unique needs. C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. offers turnkey solutions with easy to use, effective products, full compliance consultation and services, and assistance in finding a waste hauler to meet your needs.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is a leader in the pharmaceutical waste disposal industry with innovative solutions that provide a better user experience. Our products quickly dissolve and render pharmaceuticals non-retrievable, meeting DEA regulations and providing safe, fast and effective drug disposal solutions.  Contact us with any questions and for industry best practices for medical waste segregation and disposal policies and procedures.