Rx Destroyer™ provides safe and easy drug disposal solutions for correctional nursing medication administrations.

Administering medication is one of the riskiest tasks facing nurses due to the many opportunities for error, correctional nursing medication administration in jails and prisons adds a layer of risk for administering and disposing of pharmaceuticals.

When nurses must administer and keep track of all medications disbursed to inmate patients throughout a correctional facility they are dealing with a large population of people located in various areas such as the general population, specialty housing areas and segregated units. This requires a strict jail medication policy that manages proper medication disbursements and disposal of unused medication with documented chain of custody procedures.

Maintaining a witness log of disposed and destroyed medication is critical to maintain compliance to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Compliance to these regulations is important to protect facilities from liability, to protect the water supply from improper disposal of controlled and non-controlled substances and to prevent drug diversion.


Pharmaceutical Waste Management in Correctional Facilities


Managing proper correctional medication administration procedures can be confusing for jail and prison staff. Rx Destroyer™ helps correctional facilities understand the many regulations that control proper pharmaceutical waste management and disposal. In 2014, the DEA issued a ruling with the Disposal Act, a supplement to the Controlled Substance Act, which details the rules for destroying unused pharmaceutical waste. Too often, we find that prison personnel continue to dispose of  pharmaceutical waste by flushing down the drain, which is illegal and poses serious safety and contamination concerns. Stockpiling is also a significant concern and creates the potential for drug diversion where these medications may end up abused or misused. Rx Destroyer™ on-site destruction virtually eliminates this concern.

Another concern for maintaining proper medication administration in correctional facilities occurs when inmates are released. The generator of the medication is required to ensure that the individual has access to their medication although most released individuals do not come back to the facility to pick up their medication. This contributes to stockpiling, drug diversion and non-compliance with DEA regulations.


Correctional Nursing Medication Administration Compliance


Rx Destroyer™ makes compliance easy with a drug disposal system as part of your jail medication policy. We provide resources to make compliance seamless and take the responsibility off the hands of correctional facility workers. Our solution begins breaking down medication upon contact. This unique attribute helps to ensure quick and easy compliance.

Many facilities rely upon waste haulers to dispose of unused pharmaceuticals. While this may be effective, it can still leave an opportunity for drug diversion if medications are stockpiled while waiting for a waste hauler to arrive. Waste haulers may also be more costly with charges for each trip regardless of the amount of waste picked up. Rx Destroyer™ offers a family of products in a range of container sizes to accommodate the most efficient disposal of used medications in any environment.


Rx Destroyer™ provides safe and easy solutions for disposal of controlled substances for correctional nursing medication administrations.

Our drug disposal system is ready to use without the need to add water, no need for batteries and no lengthy contracts required. We provide free compliance consultations to qualified customers, product education training and industry best practices. Our mission is simple: saving water, saving lives…one prescription at a time.

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We educate and support correctional facilities to meet DEA and EPA guidelines.


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