Schools and universities maintain an inventory of various pharmaceuticals in many departments, in addition to the school’s nurse’s office or health clinics.

Universities and research labs use pharmaceuticals in vet clinics, dental schools, medical and pharmacy training programs. It is important that university staff members understand the importance of proper disposal of pharmaceuticals to protect all students and faculty.

Universities must adhere to federal regulations set forth in DEA 21 CFR and 40 CFR, with a responsible and environmentally friendly drug disposal system. All department heads including chief scientists, biologists, veterinarians, directors of animal sciences and research labs require a safe, easy and convenient method to properly dispose of pharmaceuticals.

Rx Destroyer™ partners with universities to quickly implement a drug disposal system that is easy for all departments to follow and meets all DEA regulations.

Disposal of Medication in K-12 Schools

Disposal of medications in schools is found to be a significant problem with the volume of unclaimed pharmaceuticals found in every school district at year end. Students in schools and universities across the country take a variety of medication, both prescribed and over-the-counter (OTC), for medical necessity and for emergency purposes.

The nursing staff at these schools often maintain a stockpile of medication that must be strictly monitored and then disposed of when left unclaimed or becoming expired. A study conducted by the University of California published on in 2014 addressed the feasibility of a responsible and environmentally friendly medication disposal program for schools.

This study showed that in one school district alone of nearly 133,000 students, 926 medications were abandoned at the end of one school year. The study concluded that unclaimed medications leftover at each school year end pose a serious environmental risk if not disposed of properly.

Each individual educational system has a responsibility to keep their students safe from drug diversion with strictly monitored drug administration systems and to protect the environment with sound eco-friendly disposal methods.

Rx Destroyer™ Partners with Schools of All Sizes

Rx Destroyer™ partners with schools of all sizes, public and private, to provide a safe, easy and affordable drug disposal system. Our convenient containers come in many different sizes with various mounting options, tethered caps and lock box options.

Just throw your unused medication into the container, give it a shake and the formula begins breaking down medication upon contact.

School Medication Disposal Solutions

Implement a safe and effective drug disposal system to protect your students, faculty and the environment.

Smaller educational systems may have previously discarded of pharmaceuticals by either throwing in the trash or flushing down the drain.  This is proven to cause serious environmental implications and can lead to drug diversion without strictly followed disposal procedures.

With Rx Destroyer™, there is no need to take leftover medications to a receptacle bin or disposal center, simply add to RX DestroyerTM on-site. All school medication systems must meet local, tribal, state and federal regulations.

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We educate and support educational facilities to meet DEA and EPA guidelines.

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Rx Destroyer™ is committed to saving water, saving lives…one prescription at a time. We provide industry best practices and simple, drug disposal solutions, that meet DEA chemical digestion compliance,  to a wide range of industrial applications. Contact us to learn more about improving your medication disposal system in schools and universities.