Headquartered in Wisconsin, Rx Destroyer™ provides turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical waste disposal to a wide range of industries and facility types.

Rx Destroyer ready-to-use chemical drug destruction is suitable for all purpose and liquid medications including pills, capsules, patches, powders and liquids. Its simple fast-acting formula neutralizes medications on contact, protecting against unauthorized drug diversion, pollution and compliance risk. 


Protecting people, communities, and the natural environment through the prevention of drug diversion, abuse and misuse.

Our Team: 

We welcome you to become familiar with our leadership team, their character, diversity of experience and zest for life that makes them invaluable assets to the Rx Destroyer™ brands and to you, our customers.

Milton Dallas
Owner, CEO, President
Entrepreneur, R&D fanatic, and proud to be a technology geek, Milton has enjoyed 30+ years of diverse product experience. His products are found in virtually every aisle of a department store and even in technology orbiting the Earth. Of these, Rx Destroyer™ has been his greatest product success. Imagine, a paradigm shift product that attacks society's drug abuse crisis while simultaneously protecting drinking water and the environment.

Above all, Milt’s greatest professional satisfaction comes from developing a relaxed yet competitive work environment where individual and team success is paramount. There is no us and them – we succeed together. I hope you enjoy working with our teams as much as I do.
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Trevor Hollingsworth
National Account Manager
Trevor Hollingsworth works as a National Account Manager for Rx Destroyer™. With 10 years and counting on the RXD sales team, he brings a wealth of experience in customer relations and account management. Trevor oversees Pharmacies, Long Term Care, and Veterinarians, while leading the growth of the international markets of Asia and Africa.
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Jordan Brown
National Account Manager
Jordan Brown works as a National Account Manager for Rx Destroyer™. He oversees Hospitals, Government, and Educational Institutions, while leading the growth of the international markets of Europe. Jordan is an expert in industry knowledge and stays current by attending conferences and tradeshows, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks and participating in professional societies.
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Myranda Eckert
Marketing Director
Myranda Eckert works as the Marketing Director at Rx Destroyer™. With 9+ years at Rx Destroyer ™, Myranda brings expertise and unique practices to the drug disposal industry. She sets industry standards through her lengthy list of credentials and passion for making drug disposal simple.
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Rachel Phelan
Marketing Coordinator
Rachel Phelan works as a Marketing Coordinator for Rx Destroyer ™. Rachel is an expert in creating digestible content regarding all things drug disposal. Her background in social media, marketing operations and web strategy allows her to support customer experience and knowledge.
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David Estrada
National Account Manager
David Estrada works as a National Account Manager at Rx Destroyer™. David oversees IHS, First Responders, and Dental markets and is currently working on expanding into Latin America. David's expertise includes being a fluent Spanish speaker and 15+ years working in sales.
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Courtney Wright
Quality Assurance Specialist
Courtney Wright works as a Quality Assurance Specialist at Rx Destroyer™ where she is responsible to administer, organize, and monitor all types of projects. Courtney is precise, thorough, and diligent when it comes to getting the job done.
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Alycia Daceno
Account Manager
Alycia Daceno works as an Account Manager at Rx Destroyer™. With over 20 years' sales experience, Alycia specializes in customer education and product knowledge. She also works to service existing accounts and establish new accounts.
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Jake Partynski
Account Manager
Jake Partynski works as an Account Manager at Rx Destroyer™. With over 12 years' sales experience, Jake identifies new business opportunities among existing and potential customers. He also specializes in developing their connection to the company, and making sure their business needs are being met.
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Shannon Lunsford
Customer Service Advocate
Shannon works as the customer service advocate for Rx Destroyer™. She is a proud US Army veteran with over 25 years of customer service experience. Shannon’s focus is understanding the unique needs of her customers and building a strong relationship with them. She always goes the extra mile when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs.
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Joe Soto
Plant Manager
Joe Soto works as the Plant Manager for Rx Destroyer™. Joe is an expert in leading a team while maximizing production activities. He is responsible for leading our operations team in safety protocols, efficiencies, and collecting data to pinpoint areas we excel in as well as where we can improve on for more production output.
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