Headquartered in Wisconsin, Rx Destroyer™ provides turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical waste disposal to a wide range of industries and facility types.

Rx Destroyer ready-to-use chemical drug destruction is suitable for all purpose and liquid medications including pills, capsules, patches, powders and liquids. Its simple fast-acting formula neutralizes medications on contact, protecting against unauthorized drug diversion, pollution and compliance risk. 


Saving Water, Saving Lives…One Prescription at a time. This is the motto and the driving force behind the development of Rx Destroyer™. The amount of pharmaceuticals in our waterways is catastrophic.  Drug diversion, drug abuse, and the opioid crisis is an epidemic in the U.S. Rx Destroyer™ recognizes that society and industries must have an effective, user-friendly and affordable drug disposal solution that is easily accessible to all. Rx Destroyer™ will always and relentlessly drive innovation, education, awareness, and development of the best solution to prevent drug abuse, diversion, misuse and environmental damage.

Core Values:

Rx Destroyer™ will at all times work relentlessly to produce and deliver the most innovative and highest quality of drug disposal products in the most professional, kind and expedient manner feasible. Customer service, education, active listening, market awareness, and continual  improvement are the hallmarks of Rx Destroyer™ successes. We always put the best people forward regardless of race, creed, sex, political views or religion. Rx Destroyer™ truly understands that through teamwork, communication, and diversity, anything is possible.

Our Team: 

We welcome you to become familiar with our leadership team, their character, diversity of experience and zest for life that makes them invaluable assets to the Rx Destroyer™ brands and to you, our customers.

Milton Dallas
Owner CEO President
Entrepreneur, R&D fanatic, and proud to be a technology geek, Milton has enjoyed 30+ years of diverse product experience. His products are found in virtually every aisle of a department store and even in technology orbiting the Earth. Of these, Rx Destroyer™ has been his greatest product success. Imagine, a paradigm shift product that attacks society's drug abuse crisis while simultaneously protecting drinking water and the environment.

Above all, Milt’s greatest professional satisfaction comes from developing a relaxed yet competitive work environment where individual and team success is paramount. There is no us and them – we succeed together. I hope you enjoy working with our teams as much as I do.
Milton on LinkedIn
Trevor Hollingsworth
National Account Manager
Trevor Hollingsworth approaches his job and responsibilities with a desire to bring solutions to impact the customer experience through integrity, education, and understanding who the customers are. He brings a wealth of experience in the areas of customer relations, and account management. As the National Account Manager for Rx Destroyer™, Trevor oversees Pharmacies, Long Term Care, and Veterinarians. His role also includes the growth of the international markets of Asia and Africa.
Trevor on LinkedIn
Jordan Brown
National Account Manager/Director of Grants
Jordan Brown works as a National Account Manager for Rx Destroyer™. He oversees Hospitals, Government, and Educational Institutions. His role also includes the growth of the international markets of Europe.
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Myranda Eckert
Marketing Director
Myranda Eckert contributes to our company goal of reducing the amount of unused or expired medications. She focuses on communications and marketing projects internally and externally to increase brand awareness, social impact, and overall efficacy of Rx Destroyer™.
Myranda on LinkedIn
Rhonda Raasch
Office Manager
Rhonda Raasch works as an Office Manager at Rx Destroyer™ where she brings more than 25 years of administrative experience to her role. Rhonda is responsible for office procedures and employee relations. She uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment. Delivering outstanding customer service is an essential part of a day’s work for Rhonda.
Rhonda on LinkedIn
Rachel Phelan
Marketing Coordinator
Rachel Phelan works as a Marketing Coordinator for Rx Destroyer ™. Contributing to the company goal of reducing the amount of unused or expired medication, Rachel focuses on content marketing to increase brand awareness and overall efficiency. Her background in social media, e-commerce, marketing operations and web strategy allows her to support the internal team growth as well as customer experience and knowledge.
Rachel on LinkedIn
David Estrada
National Account Manager
David Estrada works as a National Account Manager at Rx Destroyer™, where he strives to develop new business along with maintaining and strengthening current relationships. David oversees IHS, First Responders, and Dental markets and is currently working on expanding into Latin America. His experience includes 15+ years working in, customer satisfaction, and management roles. David is dedicated and passionate about every customer's experience and making sure everyone has access to education about safe drug disposal.
David on LinkedIn
Courtney Wright
Project Coordinator
Courtney Wright works as a Project Coordinator at Rx Destroyer™ where she is responsible to administer and organize all types of projects. Assisting with furthering education of safe and easy drug disposal, Courtney is the point of contact for all the trade shows and conferences for Rx Destroyer™. Courtney is precise, thorough, and diligent when it comes to getting the job done.
Courtney on LinkedIn
Alycia Daceno
Account Manager
Alycia Daceno is an interpersonal professional communicator with a wealth of Managerial and Sales experience. Drawing on 20 years' sales experience, Alycia is here to educate and answer all questions that may arise. Alycia’s role with Rx Destroyer™ is an Account Manager specializing in procurement of new client development while nurturing and catering to the existing account clientele’s needs.
Alycia on LinkedIn
Christine Jacobsen
Procurement Manager
Chris Jacobsen works as a Buyer/Procurement for Rx Destroyer™. She is responsible for strategizing and negotiating with suppliers and vendors in order to acquire the most cost-effective deals and to reduce procurement expenses while maintaining acceptable lead times. She has over 25 years' experience in Finance and loves the challenge of finding the most cost-effective vendors for our supplies.
Christine on LinkedIn
Travis Squires
Lead Production Operator
Travis Squires works as a lead production operator at RX Destroyer ™. Where he overseas every day-to-day operation. He has over 8+ years in manufacturing and production. He also has a very extensive work history working in a hospital setting environment. He helps with new and improved processes to make the production area the safest and most efficient work area possible. Travis takes pride in having an up lifting and safe work environment for all employees in the production area.