Drug Disposal:
The Proactive Approach to
Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

There are multiple opioid remediation strategies to choose from to deploy opioid abatement money into your community. However, priority is given to a few of the core abatement strategies. One of these core areas is Prevention Programs which includes funding for community drug disposal programs. Rx Destroyer is here to provide you with a life saving, reusable, and environmentally friendly community drug disposal solution to prevent the negative affects of the opioid epidemic and improve public and environmental health.

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How does drug disposal prevent opioid misuse, abuse and overdoses?

Reduce the Risk of Accidental Ingestion

When opioids are left in the home, they can be accessed by children, pets, or individuals with cognitive impairments, which can lead to accidental ingestion and poisoning. By safely disposing of opioids, we can reduce the risk of accidental ingestion and overdose.mediately upon contact.

Reduce Access

70% of opioids prescribed post surgical use are leftover and unused, and often end up stockpiled in a home medicine cabinet. Remove the threat from your home by safely deactivating and destroying medications.

Prevent Diversion

Unused opioids can be a source of drugs for individuals who seek to abuse or sell them. This is known as drug diversion, and poses a significant public health problem. By safely disposing of opioids, we can reduce the availability of drugs for diversion and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Drug Disposal
Made Simple

Activated Charcoal Drug Disposal: Tested and Proven by Certified DEA Labs.

Make Drug Take Back Day Everyday

At Rx Destroyer we believe that everyone should have access to some form of drug disposal. Whether that be a reusable 4oz container kept in a medicine cabinet to use throughout the year or a 5 gallon container that deactivates medications on site a local drug take back day; everyone deserves a prevention solution for substance abuse.

At Home in Your Hands

In Your Community

Why Rx Destroyer?

Destroy High Risk Medications like Fentanyl and Opioids

A science-tested and proven activated carbon formula for the deactivation of liquids and solid medications. Proven testing on analgesic drugs like Fentanyl, Opioids and Marijuana.

No More One Use Plastics

REUSABLE. Every time you dispose medications into an Rx Destroyer bottle, drug deactivation begins. Continue to dispose of pills and liquid drugs in the same container for up to one year until full.

No Need to Add Water

Rx Destroyer comes ready to use, meaning you don’t need to add anything to the bottle to start disposing of medications. The products’ activated charcoal formula starts destroying medications on contact; all you need to do is dispose and shake!

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Let’s Fight this
Crisis Together!

The vision of Rx Destroyer and the role it would play in drug diversion was inspired by the tragic death of a teenager overdosing on medications retrieved from a nursing home dumpster. This very avoidable fatality shone a glaring light on the absence of drug deactivation solutions, and the overdose risks that existed in drug stockpiling and poor disposal practices.