Rx Destroyer™ is dedicated to providing pharmaceutical waste management solutions that prevent the misuse and improper disposal of medications. Our comprehensive approach includes safe and easy to use products combined with education, training, and support for compliant drug disposal systems.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we offer experienced DEA compliance consulting through our alliance with GTC Consulting. GTC Consulting is recognized for award winning performance such as Certificates of Appreciation from the DEA in 2019 and the DOJ in 2020.

GTC Consulting: Experienced with DEA Compliance

GTC Consulting assists clients such as pharmacies, distributors, physicians, and other facilities with a team of dedicated leaders experienced in law enforcement and pharmaceuticals.

President and CEO of GTC Consulting

Benjamin Mink, is a uniquely qualified Subject Matter Expert on the topics of DEA compliance and pharmaceutical quality. He is an active member of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) and the International Healthcare Facility Diversion Association (IHFDA). Mr. Mink earned a master’s in criminal justice and has received several awards for his contribution to drug law enforcement.

Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Frank Mink is a DEA toxicology expert, receiving service awards from the DEA and DOJ in 2019 and 2020. He has been involved in public health policies for more than 35 years, advising on panels such as the DEA, DOJ, CDC, NIH and many others. He has served as an expert in over 100 cases on environmental health and safety issues such as exposure assessment, disease causation and historical waste disposal practices.

Senior DEA Advisor

Jorge Jimenez provides senior DEA compliance consulting services as a former DEA Sr. Regulatory and Compliance Executive and Unit Chief. He offers more than 20 years of vast experience serving as a DEA Diversion Group Supervisor and supervising DEA Diversion Investigators. Mr. Jimenez provides deep technical knowledge of DEA regulations and policies for compliance.

GTC Consulting offers bilingual support and provides DEA compliance consulting services consistent with their dedication to public health.

DEA Compliance Consulting Services

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    GTC Consulting provides experienced services to customers and drug distributors requiring DEA compliance such as:

    DEA Compliance & Litigation Support

    • Risk mitigation
    • On-site inspections
    • DEA registration support
    • Support for compliance to 21 CFR 1301 through 1321
    • Suspicious Order Monitoring System Development

    Drug Distributor Accreditation Support (VAWD)

    • Mock inspection audits
    • Drafting CAPA plans
    • project management support
    • Project planning, troubleshooting, advocacy
    • SOP development

    Pharmaceutical Licensing Support

    • Advice and support to troubleshoot licensing issues
    • Routine follow-ups and status checks until license is received
    • Full process and application management for licensing in the U.S.

    Site Inspections (know your customer)

    • Review of all licenses
    • Inspection of DEA required documents and top prescribers (if applicable)
    • In-depth site inspection with supporting documents, photos, and detailed, expert reports

    GTC Consulting provides responsible and DEA compliant drug disposal solutions for even the most challenging organizational operations. By combining our easy to use products and high-level consulting services, we deliver turnkey pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions which are DEA compliant.

    Rx Destroyer™ works collaboratively with our clients to deliver safe, easy, and affordable drug disposal solutions which meet all DEA regulations. We are committed to preventing drug diversion and contamination of our water supply through responsible and compliant drug disposal. Contact us with any questions on developing and maintaining a DEA compliant drug disposal system.

    GTC Consulting is an independent company. Rx Destroyer™ is not responsible for services provided by GTC Consulting.