Rx Destroyer™ is a pharmaceutical disposal system company dedicated to safe, easy and affordable drug disposal.

Our patented* formula was developed by working closely with like-minded professionals in the hospital, nursing and pharmaceutical community with the ultimate goals of eliminating drug abuse, drug diversion and contamination of our water supply. Our mission is simple, yet profound:

Saving Water, Saving Lives…One Prescription at a time.


Medical Waste 


Rx Destroyer™ product leads the pharmaceutical waste disposal industry through innovation, with a fast-acting, base formula. Our additives allow for a better end user experience by quickly dissolving and rendering pharmaceuticals non-retrievable, faster and safer than other available products in the market.

In addition to having the fastest acting and safest controlled substance disposal methods, our products are affordable with no long term contracts and no hidden fees. Our products come in a range of sizes to serve any environment or budget and are ready to use with no water or batteries required. All products meet DEA and EPA regulations for drug disposal compliance made easy.

We continually make significant investments in our dispensing systems with the industry’s first child-resistant (CR) red, self-regulating pressure cap and a tethered closure so you never lose a cap again.


Why choose Rx Destroyer™? Simply put, Rx Destroyer™ differs from other pharmaceutical waste disposal companies because we care. We care about the environment, the community knowledge base and our customers. We make every effort to achieve excellence in market education, product manufacture and customer service, each and every day.

As part of our commitment to responsible and compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal, we offer to qualified customers FREE:

  • Compliance Consultations
  • Product Education Training
  • Industry Best Practice Education
  • Samples

We are driven by a deep desire to raise awareness and take a stand for our future through investments in new, innovative medical waste solutions.

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Waste Disposal


Saving Lives

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All lives matter, which is why partnering with an experienced and reputable medical waste management company is critical. Properly disposing of controlled substances prevents drug diversion and inappropriate use as well as contamination of soil and water supplies.

Rx Destroyer™ works relentlessly to continually improve our products, ensuring the safest and easiest to use drug disposal for home, commercial and industrial use.

It is our sincere hope that you take responsible steps to properly dispose of all prescription medication according to your state and federal regulations. If you do not see a solution that suits your unique needs, please contact us for personal assistance as we are constantly exploring and developing new solutions. We provide first to market prescription disposal solutions for:

Pills, Capsules, Tablets, Liquids, Lozenges, Transdermal patches, Fentanyl lollipops, Suppositories, Liquids and syringe injectables, Cannabis destruction

The Patented* Formula

Rx Destroyer™ provides the industries’ easiest to use systems with patented* formulas and simple intuitively useful products.

Features such as a site gauge for easy monitoring and the tethered closure make prescription disposal easy in hospitals and surgery centers.

Rx Destroyer™ provides safe, easy and affordable medical waste solutions with a patented*, fast acting formula and innovative products. There is no need to add water, no flammable powders and no batteries required.

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