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Educational Video Series: Rx Destroyer – Safeguarding Lives and the Environment through expert Pharmaceutical Disposal Solutions

The Science Behind Rx Destroyer

Explore the Intricate Chemistry Behind Rx Destroyer and its Chemical Digestion Process to render drugs irretrievable.

How to Use Rx Destroyer

Using your Rx Destroyer for pharmaceutical disposal is so simple that you may be wondering if you are doing it right. It really is as simple as add, shake, store, dispose but if you still have questions, check out our video above!


Discover the differences between our all purpose formula and liquid formula. Uncover the unique qualities that make each a standout choice for your various drug disposal needs. It’s your guide to choosing the perfect formula for every disposal.

Secure Mounting Animation

Our custom designed bottle mounting accessories are designed for secure mounting and permanent placement of RXD products.

Officer Mazza’s Journey: 20 years in Policing, Detective Work, and Tackling Drug Abuse

Join us in this insightful video as Officer Mazza, a seasoned law enforcement professional with over two decades of experience, opens up about his remarkable journey in the police force. Having transitioned from a patrol officer to a detective, Officer Mazza shares a glimpse into his background, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs that come with a long and dedicated career in law enforcement.

How to Use the Hardener Packet in Rx Destroyer Liquid Formula

Follow our detailed instructions on incorporating the hardener packet into the RX Destroyer Liquid Formula. From opening the packet to completing the disposal process, we’ve got you covered.