pharmaceutical waste disposalAll controlled substances and hazardous pharmaceutical waste must be disposed of properly according to federal regulations.  Non-Regulated pharmaceutical waste that may be considered non-hazardous is a bit of a misnomer, as any pharmaceutical waste can be harmful to the environment or to people if used other than as intended.  A better description would be medications that are either RCRA pharmaceutical waste or non-RCRA.  The Resources Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is legislation governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the proper treatment and disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals.

Even non-hazardous, or non-RCRA medical waste, must still be disposed of properly and is regulated through EPA and DEA regulations.  It used to be that nearly any medication could simply be flushed down the drain as a viable means of disposal.  This was severely contaminating the water supply and left many instances for dangerous drug diversion.  Federal regulations now require all pharmaceutical waste to be disposed of properly under 21 CFR and 40 CFR, whereas any disposal method that renders medications non-retrievable meets DEA regulations.

Nearly 85% of all pharmacy waste from hospitals is non-RCRA medications, and includes:

  • U- and P- listed medications where the chemicals listed are not the sole active ingredient
  • Medications listed as hazardous by OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Drugs which are categorized as LD50 or below 50 mg/kg
  • Drugs which the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services categorized as carcinogenic
  • Any mineral or vitamin supplement which contains enough selenium, cadmium or chromium to fail toxicity tests

These types of pharmaceuticals may be considered non-RCRA drugs by law but still require proper disposal to protect our waterways and people from drug diversion.

Proper Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste 

All medical waste must be properly disposed of according to federal, state, local and tribal regulations. C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is dedicated to helping organizations comply with all drug disposal laws and regulations to prevent environmental contamination and drug diversion.  We provide an easy to use disposal system with convenient containers that instantly render medications as non-retrievable, meeting DEA and EPA regulations.

We differ from other pharmaceutical waste management companies in our commitment to informing and consulting our clients on compliant drug disposal solutions. Our customers have come to rely on our expertise and industry best practices with proper pharmaceutical waste disposal.


C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. offers pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions with easy to use containers and our patented* formula.  We provide training and seamless implementation of compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal systems.  Contact us to learn more about compliant drug disposal solutions.