White house and drug preventionThe Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) works to reduce drug use, abuse, and the consequences associated with drug diversion as part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The ONDCP is tasked with leading, coordinating, developing, implementing, and assessing the U.S. drug policy.  The ONDCP also provides financial and administrative support to the commission on combating addiction and the opioid epidemic.

The ONDCP held a web conference on October 29, 2020, Disposal 365: Making Take Back Day Every Day.  Rx Destroyer™ was pleased to participate as one of the industry leading experts on the importance of proper drug disposal and compliance issues.

Combating Drug Diversion

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is dedicated to preventing drug diversion through proper drug disposal practices.  The National Institute for Drug Abuse reported in January of 2019 that nearly 130 people lose their life to an opioid overdose each day in the U.S.  Drug diversion, the misuse or abuse of prescription medication, is a leading cause of drug overdoses.  Drug diversion occurs in the healthcare industry and even in homes where teens have access to prescription or opioid medication.  It is imperative that all healthcare facilities implement a drug diversion policy which is closely monitored and regulated as a top priority.

Homeowners with prescription medication in their medicine cabinet need to know how to properly dispose of unused medication and prevent prescription drug abuse.  Rx Destroyer™ offers simple to use containers for at-home drug disposal as well as a wide variety of products to suit all industries including pharmacies, hospitals, emergency medical services, veterinarian clinics and any organization using or prescribing medication.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Compliance

In addition to the obvious reasons of preventing drug diversion to save lives with responsible disposal, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) provides drug disposal regulations that must be followed for compliance.  Hospitals, long term care facilities or any other medical clinic or organization managing, prescribing or disposing of pharmaceuticals must adhere to DEA regulations as detailed in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21, 40 and 42 for regulated medical waste disposal.  Facilities face steep fines for non-compliance.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. has teamed up with highly respected GTC Consulting, a firm dedicated to responsible drug management and disposal with in-depth knowledge of DEA regulations.  With this partnership, we offer you turnkey drug disposal solutions which are safe and compliant with easy to use products and full DEA compliance.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also regulates pharmaceutical waste disposal through CFR 40 to prevent environmental contamination.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you to evaluate your level of compliance and make the right recommendations for full drug disposal compliance for your organization.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. offers easy to use drug disposal products that meet all DEA and EPA regulations.  We are committed to saving water, saving lives…one prescription at a time. Contact us to speak with an industry expert and learn how easy it is to implement safe and compliant medication waste disposal policies and procedures.