drug diversion prevention-2Medication Diversion in Jails and Prisons

 Drug diversion is a contributor to the opioid epidemic in the United States with nearly 130 deaths per day due to overdose. The sheer number of prescription medications that are managed in jails and prisons combined with the obvious reasons which require additional security make preventing diversion in correctional facilities a top priority. Some inmate patients see an opportunity to use their prescription medication as a means of diverting drugs to the black market.

Drug Diversion Tactics in Jails

Many times, a correctional officer works with a correctional nurse to monitor patients while receiving medications and check for drug diversion tactics. Some patients will resort to cheeking, hiding pills in their cheeks, or using slight-of-hand to pocket medications while pretending to take them.  Some facilities have different procedures to check for drug diversion, although monitoring patients during medication administration is critical.

Medications Commonly Targeted for Drug Diversion

 Groups of medications which have a psychoactive or sedative effect are most commonly targeted for drug diversion in jails, such as the following medication groups:

Stimulants – such as pseudoephedrine and albuterol

Euphorics – such as wellbutrin, trazodone and gabapentin

Sedatives – muscle relaxants, trazodone, psychotropics like Elavil

Psychedelics – such as Benadryl, ditropin, chlorpheniramine


Jail medication administration policies must have standardized procedures in place to prevent drug diversion. Procedures include security, monitoring and documentation, a proper layout of the medication room, controlled intake, inventory and drug disposal procedures. Safe and effective drug disposal with products that instantly neutralize unwanted or expired medications prevent drug diversion.

Drug Disposal Solutions for Jails and Prisons

 Although flushing pharmaceutical waste down the drain is illegal and against DEA and EPA pharmaceutical waste regulations, this unsafe method of drug disposal is still in use in some facilities. This can lead to drug diversion if one person is responsible for flushing and is a serious risk to environmental contamination.  C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. offers a better solution with drug disposal products in convenient containers that are easy to use. Simply drop the medication into the container and the patented* formula instantly neutralizes medications which meets DEA compliance regulations for pharmaceutical waste disposal.

Rx Destroyer™ is unique in our solutions to compliant drug disposal for jails, prisons and correctional facilities as well as many other industries and environments. You can find our products in hospitals, surgery rooms, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, correctional facilities and many others. We offer total DEA compliance with consultations and a partnership with DEA compliance experts.

Learn how to be part of the solution and prevent drug diversion in jails and prisons with proper procedures and products such as Rx Destroyer™ drug disposal solutions.  We offer a wide product selection to meet the demands of any environment, partnerships with waste haulers and compliance consultation. Contact us to improve your jail medication administration and disposal with safe, effective and efficient drug disposal products.