Why Activated Charcoal Works Best to Stop Drug Abuse?

March 9, 2022 | Drug Diversion Prevention

Science made easy…
Rx Destroyer™ begins dissolving medications on contact via a proprietary solvent that is a ready to use water-based solvent. The slurry’s main ingredient is an activated carbon that naturally adsorbs medication through the process of liquid transfusion. Medication being disposed of in Rx Destroyer™ begins to be rendered inert upon impact in the solvent. A medication that is rendered inert is deemed non-retrievable by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). As medications are dispersed in the activated carbon slurry, diversion is discouraged, and potential environmental harm is reduced.

For facilities who utilize an incineration service to destroy their pharmaceutical waste, temperatures of 1,700°F are required to adsorb drugs. At this temperature, drugs are destroyed by extreme heat. Subsequently, process to release medication from carbon is deemed irreversible. In comparison, 1,700°F melts many metals like brass, silver and aluminum. Want to know more? See test data.

In summary, intentional ingestion of used Rx Destroyer™ products will not allow a person to get “high”. In fact, trained emergency professionals use activated carbon on overdose or poison candidates relieving and minimizing continued drug affects. Overdose victim naturally passes activated carbon with adsorbed drugs.

Rx Destroyer™ provides drug disposal compliance with safe, easy and affordable options.  Our family of products offer an unmatched range of container sizes to meet the needs of any environment and do not require water, batteries, or a contract.  Contact us to learn how to easily implement Rx Destroyer™ products as part of your compliant drug diversion prevention strategies.