drug diversion prevention-3Controlled substances (CS) used in health care systems and narcotic treatment programs pose a serious risk for drug diversion.  CS diversion causes harm to the diverter and raises serious liability issues to the organization which can face significant fines for noncompliance to DEA drug disposal regulations.  Drug diversion leads to inaccurate documentation, puts patients at risk for inadequate pain relief and increases the risk of exposure to infectious disease in the healthcare environment.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) proposes to revise existing regulations, 21 CFR Parts 1300, 1301, and 1304, pertaining to Registration Requirements for Narcotic Treatment Programs with Mobile Components.  Narcotic treatment programs, NTPs, often operate with mobile components to dispense narcotic prescriptions from a remote location for use in a detoxification or maintenance program.  Under this proposed rule, these mobile NTPs would waive the requirement to obtain a separate registration for each principal location where controlled substances are dispensed.

The purpose for this proposal is to make detoxification or maintenance treatment programs more widely accessible while also ensuring that safeguards are in place to reduce the chances of drug diversion.

Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention Program

 A controlled substance diversion prevention program must contain core elements including:

  • Core administrative elements
    • Organization accountability and oversight
    • Regulatory and legal requirements
  • System-level controls
    • Technology and automation
    • Surveillance and monitoring
    • Human resources management
    • Reporting and investigation
  • Provider level controls
    • Storage and security
    • Chain of custody
    • Internal pharmacy controls
    • Administration and prescribing
    • Prescription returns, waste and proper disposal

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