Waste SegregationSegregating pharmaceutical waste in hospitals or healthcare clinics at the source is part of a good plan for safe drug disposal that meets federal regulations.  The Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, and the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, provide federal regulations regarding the safe and compliant handling and disposal of pharmaceutical waste. Each healthcare facility is responsible for knowing and complying to all federal, state, and local regulations when developing a pharmaceutical waste disposal program.

Facility managers need to analyze the process in which their pharmaceutical waste is managed compared to all regulations and identify a leader to support staff in implementing a compliant drug disposal policy.  Segregating medication waste is an important part of any pharmaceutical waste management program.

Common Problems Found During EPA Inspections

The EPA regulates drug disposal waste of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals with the most common problems in facilities found to be the following:

  • Flushing hazardous waste pharmaceuticals down the drain
  • Improper disposal of drugs used for chemotherapy
  • Hazardous waste medication determinations performed incorrectly
  • Incorrect labeling of hazardous waste medications
  • Regular inspections of hazardous medication waste not completed
  • Inadequate and improper training of staff in managing hazardous medication waste
  • Missing or inadequate manifests of hazardous waste
  • Improper management of expired or unused medications
  • Lack of an emergency contingency plan

An effective medication waste collection program includes the following components:

  • Staff training on identifying and segregating:
    • IV solutions
    • Controlled substances
    • RCRA pharmaceuticals
  • Ongoing training and reinforcement of compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal practices
  • Screening and training all healthcare staff
  • Installing proper medication waste disposal containers

C2R Global Manufacturing offers solutions to healthcare facilities and hospitals with safe and easy to use pharmaceutical waste disposal containers.  Rx Destroyer™ is available in a wide selection of product sizes to meet the needs of various facilities and begins to neutralize medications on contact with a chemical digestion process.  Chemical digestion is a method of drug disposal that meets DEA regulations and renders many medications non-retrievable such as pills, lozenges, patches, and liquids.

Rx Destroyer™ is an important part of many pharmaceutical waste disposal policies for many healthcare facilities and hospitals.  You can find Rx Destroyer™ in hospitals, healthcare clinics, veterinary clinics, dental offices, correctional facilities, pharmacies and anywhere compliant medication waste disposal is necessary.  Contact us to learn more about safe, effective, and compliant