21 cfr compliance

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. focuses on meeting the needs of our customers with a drug mail back disposal program that is easy to use and compliant to federal regulations. Our wide selection of drug disposal containers are available for controlled and non-controlled medications. Rx Destroyer can handle both solid and liquid medications. Some examples of these medications include pills, tablets, capsules, lozenges, patches, suppositories, Fentanyl lollipops and more while Rx Destroyer™ Liquids is for use with liquid medications such as syringe injectables.

In addition to a wide selection of drug disposal products, our services include product implementation and training, compliance consultation, and product return programs with recommended waste haulers or our mail back program.

Easy, Hassle-Free Mail Back Drug Disposal

With the mail back drug disposal program, you enjoy many benefits with drug disposal that is easy and hassle-free, from start to finish.  Just drop the drugs for disposal into the container and gently agitate. Once full, return with the enclosed return bag and shipping label that never expires for certified incineration. It’s that easy.

Benefits of the Mail Back Program

The mail back return program offers many benefits in addition to providing safe, easy, affordable and compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal.  Benefits of the Mail Back Program include:

  • E-Certificate of Destruction
  • No contracts
  • Return when full
  • Shipping label never expires
  • Next day pickup
  • Prevent drug diversion
  • Eliminate environmental contamination
  • Reduce liability

Enjoy the benefits of the mail back program with no contracts and no hidden fees, just helpful customer service for your convenience and drug disposal compliance.  With our patented formula that uses a chemical digestion method that quickly neutralizes medications and renders them non-retrievable. Chemical digestion is an approved method of destruction  to meet DEA and EPA regulations for drug disposal. Using our mail back service with certified incineration and an E-Certificate of Destruction, our mail-back service gives you peace of mind and reduced liability to meet federal regulations.

Rx Destroyer™’s patented formula was developed with like-minded professionals sharing an ultimate goal to eliminate drug abuse, drug diversion, and contamination of our water supply. We are dedicated to saving water, and saving lives, one prescription at the time. Contact us to learn more about our safe, efficient, and cost-effective drug disposal mail back program.



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