Public health facilities like homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and crisis facilities are faced with particular challenges regarding the management and proper disposal of unused and expired pharmaceuticals. Many people that come to these public health centers are in need of healthcare and are currently taking or should be taking prescription medication. Some studies show that nearly half of all residents in homeless shelters suffer from some form of chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease and psychiatric disorders.

One of the biggest challenges facing administrators in public health facilities is that many people suffering from homelessness do not follow their medication dosage as prescribed. This increases the chances for these facilities stockpiling unused or expired medications, which poses a risk for drug diversion and without a clear drug disposal policy, some medications may be disposed of improperly leading to environmental contamination. Public health centers should implement a drug management and disposal policy that protects their staff, residents and the environment.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Solutions in Public Health Centers 

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