Destruction of Non-Controlled SubstancesDisposing of pharmaceutical waste properly is important to protect the environment and to prevent expired medications from falling into the wrong hands. Facilities that dispense medications must have a comprehensive medication disposal handling, storage and disposal policy that is clearly communicated to all personnel. Easy to use drug disposal products like Rx Destroyer™ containers provide a solution to busy hospitals, healthcare, long-term care, correctional facilities, pharmacies and other users of prescription drugs.

With easy to use bottles, authorized personnel simply drop the medications into the bottle and give a little shake, the patented* activated carbon solution quickly begins to neutralize medications on contact. Rx Destroyer™ provides easy drug disposal solutions for controlled substances and non controlled substances for medications such as pills, capsules, tablets, lozenges, patches, suppositories, and more.  Rx Destroyer™ Liquids provides an easy method to dispose of leftover liquid medications with a convenient hardener packet.

Mail Back Options after Medication Destruction 

C2R Global Manufacturing is the premier manufacturer of Rx Destroyer™, offering turnkey solutions for EPA and DEA compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal. Once your Rx Destroyer™ container is full within 2 inches from the top, you can add a liquid hardener packet and follow our easy to use drug mail back program.  Simply seal the full container in the provided plastic bag, use the prepaid mailing label and send it back with your regular UPS scheduled packages.  If you do not have regular UPS pickups, you can give to any UPS driver or schedule a pickup, our shipping label never expires.

Advantages of Mail Back after Drug Destruction 

Our customers enjoy many advantages with the mail back program, providing a hassle-free method to return full containers of destroyed pharmaceutical waste.  Our easy to use drug disposal containers never require a contract and are easy to return when full. Customers receive an E-certificate of destruction to provide peace of mind and mitigate risk.

C2R Global Manufacturing is the premier manufacturer of Rx Destroyer™, committed to preventing drug diversion through responsible drug disposal and preventing environmental contamination of our waterways with pharmaceutical waste.  We make it easier than ever to employ EPA and DEA compliant drug disposal policies with easy to use products and a hassle-free return program.

C2R Global Manufacturing is committed to saving water and saving lives, one prescription at a time. We offer turnkey solutions with safe and easy products, DEA compliance consultation from our valued partner GTC Consulting, mail back and waste hauler services. Contact us to learn more about safe and convenient procedures for drug destruction of controlled and noncontrolled substances.