At-Home Drug DisposalPreventing drug use and misuse does not have to stop at the workplace, employers are realizing the benefits of helping workers to dispose of pharmaceuticals at home.

How Your Wellness Plan Benefits with At-Home Drug Disposal

Human Resource departments in corporations across the country are well aware of the potential to have employees that are struggling with some form of drug abuse.  According to the National Safety Council, addiction is present in every workforce with an estimated one out of every 12 workers having an untreated substance abuse disorder.  Employers play a critical role in creating awareness about substance misuse, supporting prevention programs and helping employees that need it with treatment and recovery.

Taking a proactive approach to substance abuse helps to protect the business and the entire workforce.  Employers can educate employees on the danger of substance abuse including the misuse of prescription drugs. Training employees on the proper way to dispose of medications left unused or expired in a medicine cabinet can help to prevent drug diversion and abuse problems that start at home. Proper disposal of medications helps to prevent drug diversion, the misuse and abuse of prescription medications.

To drive home the importance of education and solutions for drug disposal, consider the fact that drug overdose deaths have nearly doubled in the last 5 years, with U.S. overdose deaths reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, as 54,781 for the 12 months ending March of 2016 and is reported to be 96,779 for the 12 months ending March of 2021.

Drug abuse can cost employers in absenteeism, lost productivity, healthcare costs and disability claims associated with substance use disorders. Providing drug disposal solutions to your workforce can have positive results for your employees, the families of your workers, the business, and the community.


Encourage Proper Drug Disposal at Home

Drug abuse usually begins in the home, with most heroin users reporting misusing prescription opioids prior to using heroin.  Suggest an at-home drug disposal system such as Rx Destroyer™, a simple to use product that quickly neutralizes medications with an activated carbon formula. When people are given options for destroying unused medications they are more likely to properly dispose of leftover meds instead of leaving them lying around or stuck in a medicine cabinet where they can be misused.

Rx Destroyer™ is already an important part of proper drug disposal in a wide range of organizations across the country such as:

These organizations that also promote proper drug disposal at the home level realize many benefits with a healthier workforce as they help to reduce and prevent drug misuse and abuse.

C2R Global Manufacturing is a leading pharmaceutical waste disposal company offering Rx Destroyer in a variety of product sizes to suit corporate and consumer levels. We provide industry best practice knowledge and turnkey mediation disposal solutions with mail-back options and waste hauler assistance.  Contact us to learn more about preventing drug diversion with Rx Destroyer™.