Drug Diversion StrategiesThe National Institute for Drug Abuse estimates that nearly 130 people die each day in the U.S. due to an opioid overdose.  The opioid crisis is a national epidemic that affects the health, economic and social welfare of the public. Hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide must implement drug diversion strategies that include a safe and accountable drug tracking and disposal system.

Detection, Prevention, and Response to Drug Diversion 

Healthcare facilities need a plan in place to detect and prevent drug diversion which includes training all staff and proper procedures including how to respond when suspecting diversion of controlled substances. According to the American College of Surgeons, a joint commission recommends that healthcare facilities implement three important components to address the diversion of opioids:

Detection – awareness of altered behaviors such as poor job performance and altered physical appearance can be a signal that employees in healthcare should be aware of.  Video monitoring in areas of high-risk for drug diversion can help as long as patient privacy is considered when installing these systems.

Prevention – educating staff and implementing processes that guard against diversion and theft of controlled substances is critical.  Using drug disposal containers that have a small opening in patient care areas and not passing controlled substances to others for administration or disposal can help to prevent diversion of drugs.

Response – encouraging staff to say something if they see something and promoting a culture where employees feel comfortable to report unusual drug administration or disposal occurrences is key to preventing and detecting drug diversion.

Facilities must maintain a chain of custody for all controlled substances and train staff on proper disposal procedures for pharmaceutical waste.  Witness logs should be maintained with a cradle to grave tracking system documenting disposal of drugs. 

Drug Diversion Prevention Strategies

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