How Does Chemical Digestion Work?

February 06, 2023 | Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

How does chemical digestion work in Drug Disposal?

Rx Destroyer uses a patented formula that comes ready to use. It contains two major components: a specially tuned activated carbon and a chemically engineered solvent. The activated carbon component has been reviewed and tested by several independent entities and has verified its effective chemical digestion of wasted medications.

Rx Destroyer’s activated carbon is a form of chemical digestion. Chemical digestion is the process that renders a drug neutralized by the use of chemical reactions of a dissolving agent combined with carbon. Rx Destroyer utilizes chemical digestion for several different types of medical waste, including cannabis, pills, tablets, capsules, transdermal patches, fentanyl lollipops, liquids, powders, and suppositories. Our experts can provide mass disposal solutions and assistance in understanding the different types of medication disposal requirements are also available to medical facilities.

This type of medication destruction meets the DEA’s chemical digestion regulations. In a recent ruling in the Disposable Act, as part of the Controlled Substance Act, any DEA registrants (including hospitals) must not dispose of controlled substances in collection receptacles. These substances must be destroyed either through incineration or chemical digestion.

What Constitutes Proper Disposal?

Disposing of medications or controlled substances through denaturing is one of the best methods to render the product non-retrievable. What this means is that the substance has been physically and/or chemically altered to the point where it can’t be utilized again for any practical purposes. The destruction must be irreversible to meet the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) guidelines.

To achieve effective safe medication disposal, a blend of active chemical denaturants and agents is utilized in a process known as chemical digestion. By using a trusted pharmaceutical waste disposal system, medical facilities and other offices and businesses can remain in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the DEA.

There are many benefits to proper disposal, including:

  • Eliminating medication diversion
  • Reducing stockpiling
  • Minimizing drug abuse
  • Avoiding the contamination of natural water supplies
Why is pharmaceutical disposal so important?

Drug diversion has reached epidemic levels in the US. Over 100 people die each day from drug overdoses. Ongoing research by the US Geological Society and the EPA has revealed the presence of pharmaceuticals in the nation’s water supplies. Rx Destroyer provides effective and ready-to-use waste management and disposal solutions to meet the needs of medical facilities all over the world. Rx Destroyer benefits the health and welfare of people as well as the environment, hospital, pharmacy, government agency, or long-term care facility for affordable medication and drug waste disposal. Using the Rx Destroyer to chemically digest medical waste is a simple process, simply load medication waste into the Rx Destroyer container.  Containers can be discarded into common trash without the worry of contamination to the community or the environment.

With regard to pharmaceutical waste disposal and other regulated activities associated with pharmaceuticals, always follow applicable federal, state, local, and tribal laws/regulations.