Contolled Substance Disposal Policy and Procedures

Controlled Substance Disposal Policy and Procedures

An effective controlled substance disposal policy is mandatory to protect healthcare workers, patients and medical facilities. Healthcare workers are at an increased risk for drug diversion, a serious epidemic in the United States. Drug diversion in hospitals and healthcare facilities puts patients at risk when they do not receive the prescribed dosage of pain relief and their charts are misreported.  Healthcare workers under the influence pose a safety risk to themselves and patients.

Maintaining a drug’s proper chain of custody is important throughout the entire life cycle of that medication, although drug disposal practices are exceptionally important as that is often an easier access point for drug diversion. Implementing and following a strict and compliant controlled substance disposal policy is critical to prevent drug diversion, liability to the facility and the health of patients and staff.

Healthcare facilities can take the following steps to establish an effective controlled substance policy:

1)  Identify where in the chain of custody drug diversion could occur in your facility. 

Facilities need to monitor their policies and procedures from a drug’s procurement to disposal and evaluate the effectiveness of ensuring proper chain of custody through to disposal.

2)  Evaluate any healthcare workers that pose a drug diversion risk. 

Healthcare organization administrators need to evaluate and identify staff that would be at risk for drug diversion.  People with a history of drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness or employees obtaining overlapping prescriptions from different pharmacies are all risk factors for drug diversion of controlled substances.

3)  Engage leaders in all key areas of your controlled substance policy and procedures. 

Engaging leadership and all key areas including the core elements such as accountability and oversight, system-level controls including technology, monitoring and investigation, and provider level controls from procurement to disposal.

How to Develop an Effective and Compliant Controlled Substance Policy 

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