What’s the DEA’s position on disposal of pharmaceutical wastage?

Answer: DEA Disposal of Controlled Substances Brief: “Existing DEA regulations do not specify a standard to which controlled substances must be destroyed. With this final rule, the DEA is implementing a standard of destruction—nonretrievable—for registrants that destroy controlled substances, and procedures for the destruction of controlled substances. 21 CFR 1300.05 …

DEA definition of non-retrievable?

The final rule implements a standard of destruction of which RxDestroyer™ product meets: non-retrievable. The process utilized to render a substance “non-retrievable” shall permanently alter the substance’s physical or chemical condition or state through irreversible means and thereby render the substance unavailable and unusable for all practical purposes. A substance …

NEW PRO-Series line of products

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of RxDestroyer PRO-Series™ Customers asked and our development team delivered. All-Purpose and Liquids versions of RxDestroyer™ are now available in our professional series packaging and dispensing system. New features include: Tethered Cap: Never drop or lose the cap again Site …

Quality of Product Confirmed Through Testing

”I applaud RxDestroyer’s initiative to have quality testing performed and am very appreciative that you provide customers with this information.” Brittney Lodato, MPH Administrative Director JDJ Consulting JDJ Consulting is a pharmacy consulting company that serves the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland assisting Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Outpatient …

STAT Health Care Company now offering Rx Destroyer™ suite of products

We strive to be the company you rely on and want as your partner. Integrity, community responsibility, superior products at the best price along with exceptional customer service are our highest priority. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience online for your purchasing needs. Please allow us …

Moore Medical of Connecticut now offering RxDestroyer™

Moore Medical LLC, a subsidiary of McKesson Medical-Surgical, is an Internet-enabled, multi-channel, specialty direct marketer and distributor of medical-surgical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals to approximately 120,000 healthcare practices, facilities and organizations in non-hospital settings nationwide. Our customers include: physicians, podiatrists, obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, surgeons, emergency medical technicians, schools, colleges …

RX Destroyer™ now available at Hospice Pharmacia.com

Effective May 8, 2014, Hospice Pharmacia has replaced their former medication disposal system with an easier, more user friendly product, RX Destroyer TM.  The Rx Destroyer TM is an eco-friendly “disposal in a bottle”. The Rx Destroyer bottle contains a ready-to-use chemical digestion solution. Read more at: https://www.hospicepharmacia.com/view-event.aspx?id=207

Media Links

2016 Product Summary Video RxDestroyer™ product summary and quick reference guide   »CBC NEWS: Researchers finding excreted drugs in drinking water http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/drinking-water-contaminated-by-excreted-drugs-a-growing-concern-1.2772289 »Town of Waterford Police Chief demonstrates the ease of using Rx Destroyer™ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdM-VLTytxg »Drug Disposal Product Overview Rx Destroyer™ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHYpJl2rIAs Rx Destroyer™ Is Wake Up Call for Drug …

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medications

Safe & Easy DRUG DISPOSAL The patent-pending Rx Destroyer™ incorporates vented-cap technology and reformulated with user-friendly ingredients to safely destroy unwanted medications. Medication Disposal in a Bottle™. Simply, look for the RED cap. Rx Destroyer™ is the only disposal product in the market that self regulates bottle pressure to allow …

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