Alan McGill is a senior supervisory special agent at the Attorney General’s Office in Pennsylvania, but he started in the Bureau of Narcotic Investigations. He spent 10 years doing undercover work which consisted of getting to know people and buying various drugs off the street. Now he educates health associates and organizations in Pennsylvania on how medications are diverted out of their facility. He then trains them how to prevent that type of diversion as well as safe drug storage and disposal.

McGill discusses the problems for pharmacies that may be holding extensive amounts of expired or tampered medication that should be destroyed and disposed of immediately instead of letting it build up. The problem with these prescriptions in the home is similar. Many prescriptions have much more than the consumer will use and leave the rest unaccounted for and available for abuse. The lack of immediate disposal leads to much more prescription meds taken to the streets. Mr. McGill then advises to combat these issues by either providing or directing the consumer to a product that will properly dispose of the medication.