21 CFRMaintaining a pharmaceutical waste disposal program that meets federal regulations must comply with DEA Code of Federal Regulations, CFR, 21, 40 and 42.  These regulations pertain to the methods of drug waste disposal deemed safe and compliant by the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA.  Every facility, DEA registrant, distributor or reverse distributor has to ensure that all drug disposal practices comply with these most recent set of regulations when disposing of controlled substances and all pharmaceutical waste.

Maintaining Reports and Records for DEA 21 CFR 1304.22

Part 1304 of 21 CFR governs the safe and compliant methods of controlled substance waste disposal regarding the record keeping and reports of registrants.  Part 1304.22 details the required recordkeeping for manufacturers, importers, dispensers, exporters, distributors, researchers, reverse distributors, and collectors. Many components of 21CFR went into effect on September 9, 2014 which expanded the available options for the collection and disposal of controlled substances.  Pharmaceutical waste disposal systems that meet the requirement of pharmaceuticals to be deemed non-retrievable meet the DEA most recent regulations.

Rx Destroyer™ is Part of a Comprehensive Controlled Substance Waste Disposal Solution 

C2R Global Manufacturing is dedicated to delivering controlled substance waste disposal solutions that are part of a DEA compliant disposal program.  We provide easy to use, safe and affordable drug disposal products that render controlled substance waste non-retrievable which meets the most recent DEA federal regulations.  Our team of pharmaceutical waste disposal experts provide industry expertise, safe and easy to use products and training to ensure you understand how to use our products in the most effective manner. We help to educate our customers with safe drug disposal products that are an important part of a DEA compliant drug disposal system.

Rx Destroyer™ helps to protect our waterways from pharmaceutical waste disposal contamination and also helps to prevent drug diversion which is a major contributor to the opioid epidemic in the United States.  Rx Destroyer™ helps companies and facilities to meet DEA regulations as well as EPA 40 CFR which governs the safe disposal of pharmaceuticals to protect the nation’s water supply.  It is important for facilities to understand their requirements regarding DEA 21 CFR and EPA 40 CFR to maintain compliance in drug disposal practices as well as requirements for DEA form 41, the Registrant Record of Controlled Substances Destroyed.

C2R Global Manufacturing is dedicated to helping companies and facilities to meet all federal regulations for safe drug disposal that protect our waterways and prevent drug diversion.  Saving water, saving lives, one prescription at a time is something we can all do with responsible pharmaceutical waste disposal.  Contact us to learn more about our safe and easy to use drug disposal products.