Rx Destroyer Partners with Goldfinch Health to Bring Opioid Prevention Tool Kits to Surgery Patients Nationally


April 10, 2023 | Press Release

The Partnership Will Provide a New Solution for Surgery Patients to Ensure Proper Drug Disposal is a Key Component of Surgical Care

East Troy, Wis., April 10, 2023 – Rx Destroyer, the industry leading drug disposal experts, has partnered with Goldfinch Health, a tech-enabled healthcare surgery navigation company, to provide opioid prevention tool kits to surgery patients across the United States. The tool kits address the opioid epidemic by providing patients with increased access to a better, opioid minimizing approach to surgery and recovery, including Rx Destroyer as a solution for controlled substance disposal that eliminates unused medication from homes and communities.

Alongside tech-enabled nurse support and education, the program features a “Prepared for Surgery Tool Kit” for each patient which includes Rx Destroyer. The Tool Kit also incorporates information about multimodal pain management, heat and ice packs, a special pre-surgery drink and other valuable resources for pre- and post-surgery patients.

“With Rx Destroyer, we believe we’ve found a perfect partner on our mission to help end the opioid crisis,” said Brand Newland, PharmD, MBA, CEO of Goldfinch Health. “70% of prescribed opioids go unused. Simple, safe and effective drug disposal is absolutely critical to preventing drug diversion, addiction and overdoses.”

In 2022, Goldfinch launched the Billion Pill Pledge with a mission to reduce leftover opioids after surgery by 1 billion pills. The company launched its first statewide program in Iowa.

“Rx Destroyer is proud to partner with Goldfinch Health to provide opioid prevention tool kits to surgery patients in Iowa,” said Milton Dallas, CEO of Rx Destroyer. “We believe that by providing patients with safe and effective alternatives to opioids for pain management and education, we can help prevent addiction and overdose and reduce the impact of the opioid epidemic in Iowa.”

A March 2023 study from the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated a 625% increase in the risk of household overdose with two opioid prescription fills of any size in the preceding six months. Rx Destroyer and Goldfinch Health have joined forces to provide patients with tools and resources to reduce the risk of addiction and overdose. Leftover opioids sitting in the medicine cabinet have proven to be a key gateway to unsafe drug use, dependence, and addiction. Getting opioids properly disposed leads to safer patients, safer families, and safer communities.

“Our goal at Goldfinch is, first and foremost, better pain management using the evidence-based approaches available today but often underutilized,” said Newland. “Better pain management means fewer opioids prescribed and even fewer opioids used.”

To find out more about Goldfinch Health and the Prepared for Surgery Tool Kits, please visit https://www.goldfinchhealth.com/.

About Rx Destroyer

Rx Destroyer provides ready-to-use chemical drug destruction solutions suitable for all purpose and liquid medications, including pills, capsules, patches, powders and liquids. At Rx Destroyer we believe that everyone should have access to some form of drug disposal and prevention solutions for substance abuse. Whether that is a reusable four-ounce container kept in a medicine cabinet to use throughout the year or a five-gallon container that deactivates medicine on site at a local drug take back day, our simple, fast-acting formula neutralizes medications on contact, protecting against unauthorized drug diversion, pollution, and compliance risk. To learn more, visit https://www.rxdestroyer.com

About Goldfinch Health

Goldfinch Health optimizes the surgery and recovery experience, saving patients and companies time, money and addiction. Serving self-insured employers, Taft-Hartley funds, disability carriers, third party administrators and health insurers across the US, the Goldfinch surgery program has been validated to save 32 days in return to work time post-surgery with a $7:70:$1 return on investment. In 2022, Goldfinch launched the Billion Pill Pledge with a mission to reduce by one billion the number of leftover opioid pills after surgery each year. To learn more, visit https://www.goldfinchhealth.com/.