Proper Disposal in Pharmaceutical ResearchThe healthcare system in the United States is one of the best in the world and offers success in alleviating symptoms and treating chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Hospitals, healthcare facilities and research laboratories in the U.S. are state-of-the-art and people come from around the world for treatment of various illnesses. The medications that treat disease and save lives, however, can also cause serious harm if not properly discarded.

Pharmaceutical research in the U.S. is a continually evolving, dynamic industry searching for new and innovative ways to help humans combat illness. These research lab facilities must follow the same protocol for proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste as the main users of medication such as hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Research facilities are dedicated to testing current medications, developing theories, and to finding new pharmaceutical solutions to treat and cure disease.  Proper controls of all pharmaceuticals and medical waste are critical to prevent unintended harm and contamination. Improper disposal of pharmaceutical waste in research laboratories may cause harm or illness to humans and is contradictory to the main mission of research facilities.

It is critical for all research laboratories to implement proper pharmaceutical waste disposal procedures in all research lab settings. Protecting humans from pharmaceutical waste disposal as well as preventing environmental contamination should be a top goal of all healthcare facilities and research laboratories. Many diseases such as meningitis, parasitic infections, skin infections and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can be contracted by coming into contact with medical waste.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Solutions for Research Labs

Proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste is important for human safety, for ecological balance of our planet, and to meet federal and state environmental and safety regulations. A thorough medication waste disposal program must be in place and enforced with training and accountability in all medical facilities as well as research laboratories. A dedication from all those involved is required to maintain the health of our planet and to prevent discarded drugs from causing harm to humans.

Any used or unused investigational medications used during research procedures must be destroyed in accordance with the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and all other applicable environmental and safety regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the safe disposal of hazardous waste including pharmaceutical waste to prevent environmental contamination. This was a serious problem for decades up until the most recent legislation such as the Code of Federal Regulations, EPA 40 CFR regarding medication waste and protection of the environment.

Implement Safe and Effective Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Systems 

Every research lab facility just like every healthcare facility must monitor and assure safe disposal of pharmaceutical waste. A safe and compliant medication waste disposal system must be a top priority for any users of pharmaceuticals and should be included in all financial planning and budgetary purposes. Proper pharmaceutical waste disposal products, proper staff training, documentation and enforcement are all critical components of every research project.

Rx Destroyer™ is a safe and effective pharmaceutical waste disposal product that is simple to use and easy to implement. Available in many different sizes, you can choose the Rx Destroyer™ container size to meet your needs, along with features such as wall mounts and lockboxes. Ensuring that all pharmaceutical waste is disposed of correctly protects the environment against contamination and helps to prevent drug diversion, the misuse and unintended use of medications.

C2R Global Manufacturing offers the Rx Destroyer™ pharmaceutical waste disposal system which quickly begins to neutralize medications on contact through chemical digestion. This method of drug disposal is safe for the environment and helps to prevent drug diversion. Contact us to learn more about safe and efficient pharmaceutical waste disposal in research laboratories or any healthcare setting.