Which Form Documents the Destruction of Controlled Substances?

Many federal and state rules apply to the administration, management, storage, and destruction of controlled substances. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), outlines the regulations that govern disposal of controlled substances by ultimate users and registrants in DEA 21 CFR, Code of Federal Regulations. DEA Form 41 is a mandatory requirement to be completed by all DEA registrants that destroy controlled substances, in accordance with 21 U.S.C. 827.

Instructions for Completing DEA Form 41 

All DEA registrants should review specific instructions for completing DEA Form 41 – Registrant Record of Controlled Substances Destroyed.  The form includes sections for registrant information, information on the type and quantity of controlled substances and the method of destruction. DEA Form 41 also includes a section which requires signature of two witnesses.

DEA Form 41 does not need to be submitted to the DEA, although it must be kept on record for at least two years as proof of destruction, according to 21 U.S.C. 827.

Safe Drug Disposal with DEA Compliance Consultation

Rx Destroyer offers assistance in deciphering the key aspects of DEA compliant controlled substance disposal in accordance with 21 Code of Federal Regulations, CFR.  We help various sectors of the healthcare industry with an easy to use drug disposal system for safe and effective destruction of controlled substances.  Our vast experience provides industry best practices to healthcare facilities, hospitals, animal clinics, correctional facilities, dental care practices and more with DEA and EPA compliant methods of controlled substance disposal.

Our valued partner, GTC Consulting, provides professional consulting services to drug distributors and customers requiring compliance to DEA drug disposal regulations. GTC Consulting offers compliance and litigation support including on-site inspections, risk mitigation and development of monitoring systems to alert of suspicious activity. GTC Consulting provides project planning, advocacy, and mock inspection audits for Drug Distributor Accreditation Support.

Why Safe and Effective Drug Disposal is Important

Rx Destroyer is dedicated to the safe and secure disposal of pharmaceuticals to help institutions maintain safe and effective drug disposal, which meets our ultimate goal of saving water and saving lives, one prescription at a time. Pharmaceutical contamination in our waterways is a serious concern and one of the biggest drivers of drug disposal regulations along with preventing drug diversion.

Drug diversion is an epidemic in the United States contributing to drug misuse, abuse, addiction and overdose deaths. With safe and effective drug disposal of controlled substances in the healthcare setting, drug diversion is greatly reduced which protects the facility, staff, and patients.