Rx Destroyer™offers turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical waste management, with easy to use products and DEA compliance consulting.


DEA Consulting Services

Rx Destroyer™ offers convenient products that quickly neutralize medications with chemical digestion to meet DEA regulations, along with educating our customers with industry best practices.  Stay up to date on the latest pharmaceutical waste management and disposal regulations to avoid costly fines while protecting staff, patients, and the environment with the expertise of our experienced staff and partners. To ensure full compliance to DEA regulations, we offer professional consulting services with our valued partner, GTC Consulting Services.

Our strategic partner, GTC Consulting Services, provides assistance with developing a comprehensive compliance strategy, training or a complete pharmaceutical management program to achieve full DEA compliance. GTC Consulting offers a wide range of compliance consulting services such as on-site inspections, litigation support, licensing and more.  Allow our specialized staff and valued partners provide you with simple to use, compliant pharmaceutical waste management and disposal practices to protect your staff, patients and reduce liability.


Distributors Across North America

We offer Distributor Map with a list of distributors across North America that can provide you with the right products to best suit your needs. This list may change, with new distributors added that may not be reflected on the map.

Please contact us directly to be matched with the most appropriate distributor for your product needs and location.


Pharmaceutical Waste Haulers and Mail-Back Solutions

As part of our total turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical waste management, Rx Destroyer™ offers recommendations and contact information to waste haulers or mail-back service providers across North America. We can assist you with finding the best distributor and waste hauler at the time of order, to make your pharmaceutical waste management and disposal program as simple and easy to follow as possible, with full compliance to all federal regulations.

Please contact us for more information and to find the waste hauler or mail-back provider to best suit your needs.  We work relentlessly to be your trusted pharmaceutical waste disposal partner. Be sure to always follow your local, state, and tribal regulations as well as specific facility procedures.

Rx Destroyer™ offers a wide selection of innovative medical waste disposal products in convenient sizes that are safe, affordable and easy to use. Our products come ready to use, with no contracts required and no need to add water or batteries. Contact us for efficient and effective pharmaceutical waste management solutions scalable to any industry application.

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