TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE – Rx Destroyer™ (Rev.11-03-21)


All Sales of Rx Destroyer™ products are subject to the terms and conditions herein.

  • ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Buyer acknowledges they are a U.S. state and federally recognized business. No order shall be binding upon Rx Destroyer™ until accepted in writing by Rx Destroyer™ at its principal office. Any acceptance of a customer’s order by Rx Destroyer™ is conditioned upon the customer assenting to the terms and conditions set forth herein which shall be deemed a part of such order. No modifications of or additions to the terms and conditions herein will be recognized by Rx Destroyer™, nor shall any order accepted by Rx Destroyer™ be altered or modified by the customer, unless specifically agreed to in writing by an office of Rx Destroyer™. The failure of Rx Destroyer™ to object to a different or other provision contained in any purchase order or other communication of the customer shall not be construed as a waiver of the terms and conditions herein, nor an acceptance of any such provision. No order accepted by Rx Destroyer™. may be cancelled or terminated by the customer except with the written consent of Rx Destroyer™. and then only upon payment of Rx Destroyer™’s reasonable cancellation charges, including incurred expenses and commitments made by Rx Destroyer™.
  • QUOTATIONS: Any written estimate or quotation shall automatically expire unless accepted by the customer within (30) days from the date quoted. Any quotation is subject to change with or without notice within said 30-day period prior to acceptance of the written order by Rx Destroyer™. All prices are subject to change without notice. Any addition to an outstanding order will be accepted at prices in effect when the addition is accepted by Rx Destroyer™. Prices shown in any Rx Destroyer™ catalog, publication or website shall not be construed as a definite offer to self and is subject to a specific price quotation.
  • WARRANTY: Rx Destroyer™ warrants that products sold hereunder to “Authorized” customers will be free from defects in materials, and workmanship and in conformity with customer’s and/or Rx Destroyer™’s specifications, as of the date of shipment. “Unauthorized” sellers or resellers are not eligible for any services, product support and waive ability to any claim.
  • THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES (EXCEPT TITLE) INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PURPOSE. Rx Destroyer™ will in no case be responsible for special or consequential damages or any other obligation or liability whatsoever with respect to products manufactured and furnished by it. It is expressly understood Rx Destroyer™ cannot control use of this product and will not accept liability for more than product replacement. It is the user’s sole responsibility to understand and control additives to product.
  • CHANGES IN Rx Destroyer™ PRODUCTS: Rx Destroyer™ reserves the right to make reasonable changes in any of its products without notice to the customer.
  • DELIVERY AND DELAY: The anticipated date of delivery is approximate from the date the order is accepted by Rx Destroyer™. Rx Destroyer™ shall not be liable and held harmless for any delay in delivery due to any cause beyond Rx Destroyer™ reasonable control, such as an act of or failure to act by customer, a governmental act, rule, regulation or request, and act of God, fire, theft, flood, epidemic, quarantine restrictions, war, riot, strike, slow down, embargo, delay in transportation, lack of materials, labor or manufacturing facilities. In the event of any such delay the date of delivery shall be extended for a period equal to the time loss because of the delay.
  • TAXES & FEES: Rx Destroyer™ prices do not include tax or other governmental charge levied upon or measured by the transaction between Rx Destroyer™ and the customer. Customer agrees to provide tax exempt or equivalent tax certifications upon initial order. Furthermore, any and all taxes, fees or charges beyond the product sale will be the sole responsibility of the customer. W9 forms available on Rx Destroyer™ web page.
  • TERMS OF PAYMENT: Quoted prices are Net 30 from date of Rx Destroyer™ invoice, F.O.B., point of manufacture – freight paid by customer. If in Rx Destroyer™ sole judgment a customer’s financial condition, or otherwise, at any time does not justify selling a customer an open account, Rx Destroyer™ may require full or partial payment in advance before proceeding with the order. If customer defaults in any payment when due then the entire price shall become due immediately and payable upon demand, including late fees, or Rx Destroyer™ may, at its option without prejudice to other lawful remedies, defer delivery or cancel the order. Rx Destroyer™ reserves the right to modify terms on a case-by-case basis. • ORDER CANCEL: Prior to shipment by Seller, Buyer may cancel its acceptance of the order by calling (888) 608-5160 and receiving a RAN number; Voicemail or emails are not acceptable means to cancel order(s). Please note, most orders ship same day. Buyer will be liable to the Seller for 30% of the full purchase price to offset administrative costs. Custom (uniquely marked/identified or not normal production) product orders are not eligible for refund.
  • CLAIMS: Claims for errors, shortages, defective materials and workmanship must be reported to Rx Destroyer™ within (10) days after receipt of products. Claims must be accompanied by proof such as pictures, supervisor signature(s) and date of occurrence. Claims will be processed, and result communicated within (10) days.
  • ORDER RETURN (US): Contact customer service at cs@rxdestroyer.com to receive RAN (Return Authorization Number). To process your request promptly, please have your original order number available. To be eligible for product return, requests must be received no more than (1) year from original order ship date. Returned product(s) must be in their original packaging with RAN number noted clearly on package(s) packing slip. All products will be inspected prior to credit approval; Approval will be communicated within (10) days of returned goods arrival date. Seller will incur a 30% fee of the purchase price to offset administrative costs. Unless otherwise authorized, customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Packages without RAN will not be accepted. Product returned not in their original or damaged packaging will be subject to an additional $15 charge per carton or item. Buyer to receive a credit to account for accepted returns – no cash or check will be exchanged. Returned goods shipped to Rx Destroyer™ without prior written authority will be refused and returned to the sender at their expense. Return agreement will be considered null and void if goods are not received within (30) days of RAN issuance. Custom (uniquely marked/identified or not normal production) product orders are not eligible for refund.
  • INTERNATIONAL ORDER RETURN: Due to liability, control and jurisdiction matters, international (Non-United States) orders are NOT eligible for return. All sales are final.
  • INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT: All shipments are required to be managed through a verifiable United States governed entity. Additionally, all shipments require verification of departure from Unites States port(s) and certificate of reception from destination government.
  • INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT TERMS: All orders are paid in full prior to shipment vie wire transaction. Payment includes and may not be limited to freight, handling fees, taxes, duties etc… Customer understands it is responsible for any and all additional fees, duties, taxes etc. from their government.
  • PURCHASE ORDER APPROVAL: Client does hereby warrant and represent that any person approving the estimate via email, world wide web purchases, PO signature, or issuing a PO according to this proposal on behalf of Client has the authority to bind Client to these terms and conditions. Furthermore, issuance of initial payment will be considered approval to proceed with program under these terms.
  • GOVERNING LAW: Customer agrees the rights and liabilities of the parties shall be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin United States of America.
    AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR/ CUSTOMER: Successful completion of process and agreement to “Terms and Conditions of Sale” subsequently recognizes Customer to be recognized as a “Genuine” or “Authorized” user, provider or reseller of Rx Destroyer™ products. Only designated “Genuine” or “Authorized” will be allowed to inquire, request or utilize customer service, ship tracking, warranty, returns and product support.

Terms and conditions may change without notice. Please contact Customer Service with any questions or concerns. Toll Free (888) 608-5160 or cs@rxdestroyer.com