Public Health Centers Need Pharmaceutical Management Policies

Public health centers provide services to citizens in need when facing hardships or difficult situations. People that encounter domestic violence, are faced with homelessness, or the temporary loss of housing due to extreme weather or conditions beyond their control may need to find shelter quickly for themselves or their families.

Facilities that house disadvantaged citizens either full or part-time are faced with the monumental task of providing the best possible care with safe and efficient procedures. Facilities that require some form of drug control and pharmaceutical waste disposal policies include:

  • Homeless shelters
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Crisis centers

Managing prescription medications within these types of facilities can be challenging, thus a safe and efficient drug disposal policy contributes to a safer environment for all. 

Challenges with Managing Pharmaceuticals in Crisis Shelters

Maintaining a pharmaceutical management and disposal policy in facilities like homeless shelters poses unique challenges. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, Assessing Health Conditions and Medication Use among the Homeless Community in Long Beach, California, nearly half of all homeless participants in the study, 46%, had cardiovascular disease. 32% suffered with some form of psychiatric disorder, and 37% were dealing with foot problems like sores, pain, or bleeding.

One of the biggest challenges in managing pharmaceuticals in crisis centers is that an alarming 30% of patients were nonadherent to following their medication as prescribed for their chronic disease. Managing pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical waste is critically important in any setting, and especially challenging when patients are inconsistent in taking their medication.

Medication administration in homelessness services is more than getting the right pill to the right person’s mouth. It includes making sure the prescription is followed, keeping a schedule with reminders, keeping a record including when patients decline to take their medication.


Assistance for Medication in Crisis Centers

The National Healthcare for the Homeless Council is an organization with a membership of healthcare professionals and people who have lived with and are advocates for healthcare in homelessness. Here you can find several programs which offer prescription medication assistance for those that cannot afford to buy their medicine. Keeping a pharmaceutical waste disposal policy and following DEA and EPA compliant procedures for medication disposal is critical in these facilities.

Drug diversion occurs when medications fall into the wrong hands, oftentimes with dire consequences. The misuse of prescription medications is a leading cause of drug overdose. Maintaining a written drug disposal policy with strict enforcement at all levels protects patients and staff. Pharmaceuticals can no longer be flushed for disposal and must be disposed of with a method meeting DEA approval.

Rx Destroyer™ for Safe and Efficient Drug Disposal in Public Health Centers

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Our formula begins dissolving medications on contact. As medications are dispersed in the activated carbon slurry, diversion is discouraged and potential environmental harm is reduced. Rx Destroyer™ is committed to safe and effective drug disposal solutions that prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination.

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