Why Pharmaceutical Waste Management in Oral Health is So Important

Dental practices use various pharmaceuticals in the course of treating patients such as over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, liquid IV for sedation as well as dental Amalgam used in fillings which includes Mercury. Proper disposal of these pharmaceuticals used in oral health practices is critical to protect the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tightly regulates pharmaceutical waste disposal guidelines in dentistry and all other medical practices

There are many healthcare facilities including dental offices that have, in the past, improperly disposed of pharmaceuticals down the drain. Some dental offices may still be disposing of liquid IV sedation medication down the drain. This is against regulations and poses serious risks for environmental contamination and fines against the dental practice.


EPA Regulations for Oral Health Pharmaceutical Waste

Many dentists agree that one of the most challenging aspects in their practice is keeping track of and maintaining compliance to all current regulations. There are many regulations relating to the proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste at the state and federal levels. The EPA gives direction for compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 40 CFR Part 441

Evidence of pharmaceuticals in groundwater across the country has been documented at an alarming rate. These regulations for pharmaceutical waste management in dentistry help to keep communities safe by preventing environmental contamination from pharmaceuticals used in oral care. Dental practices can prevent environmental contamination and protect themselves against liability and legal consequences by following all regulations for pharmaceutical waste in dentistry.

40 CFR Part 441 includes several subchapters which focus on the reduction of Mercury discharge, proper pretreatment standards for existing and new sources, reporting and record keeping requirements.

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Waste in Oral Health

Rx Destroyer™ offers a solution for compliant pharmaceutical waste management in dentistry and other healthcare facilities. Our drug disposal containers are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any medical practice and are safe and simple to use. The formula in our containers begins to work quickly to neutralize most medications. As medications are dispersed in the activated carbon slurry, diversion is discouraged and potential environmental harm is reduced.

Rx Destroyer™ for Oral Health Pharmaceutical Waste

We offer drug disposal products for all medications including all-purpose pharmaceuticals such as tablets, pills, capsules, patches, lozenges and more. Rx Destroyer™ for liquids is a safe and easy disposal method for liquid and syringe injectable medications. Rx Destroyer™ helps to match you up with a pharmaceutical waste hauler to meet your needs.

*Mercury in Amalgam is considered hazardous and must be disposed of following hazardous waste guidelines, best handled by a waste management company.


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