Ultimate Users and Registrants have very different medication waste requirements. Understanding the difference in Ultimate User or DEA Registrant is the first step in safe, responsible and efficient medication wasting.


In brief, an Ultimate User has been legally prescribed medications where Registrants are recognized as health care provider(s) (such as a physician, optometrist, dentist, or veterinarian) by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) allowing them to write prescriptions for controlled substances. The latter is typically consider a DEA Registrant. For specific definitions please review ruling.

In regards to wasting medications, Registrants have very strict rules and guidelines from varying governing bodies to adhere. Alternately, Ultimate Users are not required to waste in any particular manner. It is our sincere hope, Ultimate Users, choose Rx Destroyer™ to dispose of their unused medications to minimize environmental damage, diversion and abuse.


Individuals lawfully entitled to dispose of an ultimate user decedent’s property are authorized to dispose of the ultimate user’s pharmaceutical controlled substances by utilizing any of the three disposal options ( (1) Take-back events, (2) mail-back programs, and (3) collection receptacles).


In addition to manufacturers, distributors, reverse distributors, and retail pharmacies, the final rule also authorizes registered NTPs, as well as
hospitals/clinics with an on-site pharmacy, to operate disposal programs. 21 CFR 1317.40. This rule change is particularly helpful when medication has been immediately administered by a practitioner at the practitioner’s registered location but not completely exhausted. The DEA registrant continues to be obligated to destroy the remaining, unusable controlled substances, and record the destruction in accordance with § 1304.22(c).

As always follow your facility, state, local, tribal and federal process and regulations.Common trash is the sensible and responsible solution for Ultimate Users wasting medications. Registrants, Registrant Collectors, Waste Haulers considering common trash or solid waste are strongly encouraged to know the rules and guidelines under which they are governed and always follow your facility, state, local, tribal and federal process and regulations.

Users that choose the common trash option simply add non-hazardous medications to Rx Destroyer™ container until full then simply gently invert to coat medications with patented* solution and discard to common trash. Ultimate Users may follow this process in all 50 states.

It is our sincere hope all medication disposal decision makers choose C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. to dispose of their unused medications to minimize environmental damage, diversion and abuse. Prior to use of Rx Destroyer™ products, if ever in doubt of rules and regulations, please visit our website Rules and Regulation page for links as well following State-by-State links prior to medication disposal.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. meets the DEA non-retrievable standard. Entities disposing of expired or unused medications such as DEA Registrants (hospitals, veterinary, pharmacy, clinics) may still be required to follow an incineration process for various reasoning. In these cases, C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. users may select new or shall rightfully use their current contracted Medical Waste Hauler for non-hazardous medication disposal pickup. Utilizing the Medication Disposal Log is the Generator’s proof of Rx Destroyer™ contents. The Medication Disposal Log is a bilateral communications tool documenting date & time of pickup and date & time of destruction.

Per the Ruling, “once a controlled substance is rendered ‘‘non-retrievable,’’ it is no longer subject to the requirements of the DEA regulations.” Accordingly, your Medical Waste Hauler should allow the disposal of Rx Destroyer™ into the below listed waste bins as the Generator has classified the Rx Destroyer™ bottles non-hazardous waste.

1. Non-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste
2. Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. partner, Rx Waste Systems, offers a nationwide Mail-Back Program. Due to specific state or facility policies, Rx Waste Systems offers an affordable, easy to use mail-back option. No individual packaging of bottles! Prepaid Mail-Back container holds up to 55 lbs of Rx Destroyer bottles. Rx Waste Systems uses state compliance regulations for the destruction of the Rx Destroyer.

Option provides documentation from Rx Waste Systems to the generator indicating:

• Date & Time of Pickup
• Date & Time of Destruction

“Rx Waste Systems is committed to supporting the economic and environmental sustainability of your healthcare business through a streamlined system of documentation and disposal that makes maintaining regulatory compliance easy.”

Nationwide Services:
• Incineration
• P-Waste Tracker Technology
• Training


No adding water…No Batteries…No more worrying.

• Simply load unused or unwanted medications into the bottle
• Gently shake to mix patented* solution over medications
• Discard bottle with contents into common trash

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. meets “non-retrievable” DEA standards for controlled substances. In addition, C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. meets DEA requirements for drug destruction which helps accomplish the DEA’s goal to reduce drug diversion by keeping medications out of the wrong hands, diminish accidental poisoning and decrease illicit drug activities. For additional topic related information, please refer to your facilities, local, state and or federal regulations.READY-TO-USE…Rx Destroyer™ can save 100’s of staff hours per year. No adding water, measuring or added processes. Rx Destroyer™ eliminates water additive calculation errors and time consuming crushing and mixing of medications into coffee grounds or kitty litter. Rx Destroyer™ can be used till full. Stored in a controlled area when not in use.C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. brands are the Eco-Responsible drug disposal systems choice. C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. brands support EPA and FDA efforts to help prevent leaching of pharmaceutical into drinking water, soil, and waterways. In most states, C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. meets AND OR EXCEEDS disposal regulations for solid waste, which allows the Rx Destroyer™ bottle and its contents to be discarded with common trash. For additional topic related information, please refer to your facilities, local, state and or federal regulations.C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. Customers