Industries We Serve with Pharmaceutical Disposal Systems

Rx Destroyer™ provides a pharmaceutical waste disposal system to meet the needs of many industries, with specific industry insight to your unique needs. We provide DEA and EPA compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions with convenient products, education and training with your industry’s best practices. Our experienced staff provides on-site, quick and seamless facility implementation and ongoing support. With regard to pharmaceutical waste disposal and other regulated activities associated with pharmaceuticals, always follow applicable federal, state, local, and tribal laws/regulations.

Many industries rely on Rx Destroyer™ for DEA and EPA compliant pharmaceutical disposal. We are committed to providing safe, easy and compliant pharmaceutical waste solutions to the following industries:


We implement efficient and effective drug disposal solutions to correctional facilities, making it easy for staff to maintain compliance to regulations, prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination.


Hospitals must maintain strict regulations for all pharmaceutical waste. We provide on-site, seamless integration for busy hospitals and surgical centers covering any standards your facility may require.


Rx Destroyer™ is pharmacist recommended, found in pharmacies across the country. Pharmacists enjoy the convenience of our 64 PRO and 1 Gallon PRO products and you can find our 4 oz. bottle for consumers sold in Walgreens nationwide.

Long Term Care

Our drug disposal system makes it easy for staff to properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste without any confusion on compliance to regulations for any size of long term care facility.


Our products keep students and faculty safe with a variety of containers for unused pharmaceutical waste. We support schools and universities with compliance to all federal regulations, education of staff and seamless integration.


Military bases and VA facilities need an effective drug disposal system that is easy to use and efficient for staff. Rx Destroyer™ provides the solution with convenient products, education and training.


Emergency responders such as fire and rescue and ambulatory services need a fast and simple method to dispose of medical waste. We support all first responders with drug disposal solutions that meet the unique needs of the busy EMT.

Animal Services

Rx Destroyer™ provides a quick, compliant and convenient drug disposal system for veterinarian clinics, zoos, and animal medical emergency clinics.

Rx Destroyer™ provides safe and easy solutions for disposal of controlled substances for all industries.

Our drug disposal system is ready to use without the need to add water, no need for batteries and no lengthy contracts required. We provide free compliance consultations to qualified customers, product education training and industry best practices. Our mission is simple: saving water, saving lives…one prescription at a time.

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We educate and support to meet DEA and EPA guidelines.

To qualified customers, Rx Destroyer™ offers


Free Compliance


Product Education


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Rx Destroyer™ is the industry leader in EPA and DEA compliant drug disposal systems. We make compliance to pharmaceutical waste management regulations easy with seamless integration. Learn more about our proven drug disposal solutions with compliant correctional nursing medication disposal.