Goodbye Leftover

Using your Rx Destroyer for pharmaceutical disposal is so simple that you may be wondering if you are doing it right. It really is as simple as add, shake, store, dispose but if you still have questions, check out our video below!

How does drug disposal prevent opioid misuse, abuse and overdoses?

When medications are added, Rx Destroyer’s liquid solution begins to breakdown or dissolve the medication immediately upon contact.

Once medications are broken down, Rx Destroyer’s activated charcoal begins a chemical digestion process that adsorbs the disposed medications.

Once adsorbed, the medications are deactivated and rendered unavailable for misuse, alleviating risk of drug accessibility within your home.

Store your Rx Destroyer product in your medicine cabinet. Continue to dispose of medications for up to one year or until the container is full. 

Make Drug Take Back Day Everyday

At Rx Destroyer we believe that everyone should have access to some form of drug disposal. Whether that be a reusable 4oz container kept in a medicine cabinet to use throughout the year or a 5 gallon container that deactivates medications on site at a local drug take back day; everyone deserves a prevention solution for substance abuse.

What can go into my Rx Destroyer?


Marijuana (THC)






Pills & Capsules




What cannot go into my Rx Destroyer?

Syringes & Needles

Medication Packaging

Effervescent Medications

Still have questions on what can go inside?

Let’s Fight this
Crisis Together!

The vision of Rx Destroyer and the role it would play in drug diversion prevention was inspired by the tragic death of a teenager overdosing on medications retrieved from a nursing home dumpster. This very avoidable fatality shone a glaring light on the absence of drug deactivation solutions, and the overdose risks that existed in drug stockpiling and poor disposal practices.