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A Leading Force in Safe Drug Deactivation

Rx Destroyer provides simple, ready-to-use products for the safe and secure disposal of pharmaceuticals to a wide range of industries, facility types, and communities all over the world.

Pharmacist-backed, our drug deactivation products save lives and save the environment. Connect with our expert team to explore how you could transform your industry or community based pharmaceutical protection program.

Why Rx Destroyer?

Healthcare & Commercial Facilities

Rx Destroyer provides turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical waste disposal to a wide range of industries and facility types. 

With a team of pharmaceutical compliance experts, we partner with organizations in every sector to drive best-practice risk mitigation in drug disposal. 

At Home & In Your Community

Reusable drug disposal solutions for the prevention of diversion, substance abuse, and overdose.

  • Destroy high risk medications like fentanyl and opioids
  • No single-use throwaway plastic products
  • No need to add water. Comes ready to use
  • Disposal solutions for small volume at home use and large column community-wide drug take-back events

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Rx Destroyer™ provides pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions with compliance to Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, and Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, regulations. Our patented*, fast acting formula begins neutralizing medications on contact, with no need to add water or batteries, no flammable powders and never requires long term contracts. Our mutual success is based upon utilizing Rx disposal compliance solutions which are safe, easy and affordable.

Proper pharmaceutical waste disposal procedures are critical to prevent drug abuse, drug diversion, stockpiling and contamination of our water supply. As part of our Safe Water Initiative, Rx Destroyer™ brands are landfill friendly, supporting EPA and DEA efforts to prevent leaching of pharmaceuticals into drinking water, soil and waterways and may be discarded with common trash*. With regard to pharmaceutical waste disposal and other regulated activities associated with pharmaceuticals, always follow applicable federal, state, local, and tribal laws/regulations.

Industries We Serve






Juvenile Detention

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Mental Health





Compounding / MFG

Long Term Care


Assisted Living

Nursing Homes

Rehab Facilities

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Universities R&D – K-12 – Environmental – UHS University Health Services


Military – Veterans Administration

Emergency Services

Fire & Rescue -Ambulatory

Oral Health

Oral Surgery – Maxillofacial – Pedodontist – Prosthodontist – Dentist

Animal Services

Veterinary – Emergency Services – Hospital – Specialty Care

Public Health

Homeless shelters – Domestic violence shelters – Crisis centers

Innovative Family of Pharmaceutical
Waste Disposal Products


Convenient sizes from 4oz. To 55gal. Drums

Activated Carbon Meets DOJ & DEA Compliance Guidelines

Eco-Friendly Responsible Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal


We provide innovative pharmaceutical waste management products with convenient sizes, tethered caps allowing one-hand operation, promoting efficiency in busy hospitals and surgical centers. Our simple to use Rx Destroyer™ family of products offer an unmatched range of disposal container sizes available in 4 oz. to 55 gallon drums and everything in between to serve any environment or budget. Additional available features include a view gauge and the very attractive Rx Lockbox™ made of durable steel with a high quality keyed lock.

Rx Destroyer™ provides ready-to-use, chemical drug destruction for all purpose and liquid medications including pills, capsules, patches, powders, suppositories, liquids and cannabis waste. We offer mass disposal solutions and assistance in understanding the difference in medication disposal requirements for ultimate users and DEA registrants. Our drug disposal products are pharmacist approved and recommended, products are found in pharmacies across the United States, Canada and South America.

Drug Disposal Made Easy

Chemical drug destruction meets DEA “non-retrievable” standards and meets or exceeds disposal regulations for solid waste in most states.  Please refer to your facilities’ federal, local, state and tribal regulations and see our compliance regulation section for more information and for links to state regulations.  Rx Destroyer™ provides quick and seamless facility implementation to hospitals, pharmacies, long term care facilities, government (VA) and correctional facilities and more with on-site, phone or web based tutorials for compliance made easy.

Drug Disposal As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

  • No Adding Water…No Batteries…No More Worrying
  • Simply load unused or unwanted medications into the bottle
  • Gently shake to mix patented* solution over medications
  • Discard bottle with contents into common trash*

*Always follow facility, local, state, tribal and federal regulations


Why Pharmaceutical Disposal Regulations are So Critical

Drug diversion is an epidemic in the United States with more than 130 people dying of overdose daily and causing an economic, multi-billion dollar burden. Several studies by the EPA and the U.S. Geological Society reveal the presence of pharmaceuticals in our water supplies. Rx Destroyer ™ provides pharmaceutical waste management and disposal solutions as part of our simple, yet profound fundamental goal:

Saving Water, Saving Lives…
One prescription at a time



“I use Rx Destroyer™ in all my departments in my hospital, and several other facilities in our corporation use it as well. We’ve found it to be the perfect product for smaller hospitals. Since the COVID outbreak, having access to Rx Destroyer has become even more important because it gives us the ability to just dedicate an Rx Destroyer™ jug to the COVID area for medication waste, then discard of the jug without it ever leaving the COVID area.”



A Trusted and Leading Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Supplier

Our customers have come to trust and rely on Rx Destroyer’s ™ education-based philosophy, industry insights and best practice experience to quickly and cost effectively meet drug disposal compliance requirements.

RX Destroyer’s active ingredient, activated carbon, has been subjected to several independent studies that have produced test data verifying effectiveness of “Chemical Digestion”. Activated carbon is considered “Chemical Digestion” which, along with “Incineration”, is an approved DEA method to meet non-retrievable result (21CFR 1317.90). We thank you for making safe drug disposal a priority, protecting society and the environment from drug diversion and contamination.

Rx Destroyer™ is a reigning market leader in drug disposal compliance, providing safe, easy and affordable pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions. We differ from other medication waste disposal companies in our commitment to educating and supporting our customers to meet DEA and EPA guidelines. Contact us to learn more about our proven solutions for compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal.