DUST FREE formulation converts Rx Liquids™ to Solid Gel meeting SW-846 Test Method (paint filter liquids test). Simply add dissolving pouch(s) when full, gently shake and secure cap.

Active ingredient: 2-Propenoic acid, homopolymer sodium salt


Product performs exceptionally well on container contents containing at least 10% water. Some medications, drugs or combinations may not be compatible with Rx Hardener™  due to their chemical composition.

Rx Destroyer™ HARDENER Pouch

Item #: RX64HARD, RX1.0HARD, RX2.5HARD

Hardener Options:
• RX64HARD: Case contains (4) pouches; Hardens (4) 64oz Bottles
• RX1.0HARD: Case contains (8) pouches; Hardens (4) 1 Gallon Bottles
• RX2.5HARD: Case contains (10) pouches; Hardens (2) 2.5 Gallon Bottles
• RX5.0HARD: Case contains (10) pouches; Hardens (1) 5 Gallon Container

Product Number: Varies
Sold by (1) Case
Case contains disolving hardener pouches
FOB: 53105 Wisconsin
Set Weight: varies (< 1.0lb)
Set Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 6 in


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