The proper disposal of medications in hospitals is critical as pharmaceutical waste poses serious risks to patients, healthcare professionals and waste management workers as well as risks for environmental contamination

Hospitals and long term care facilities are responsible for the majority of pharmaceutical waste disposed into sewage systems with an estimated 7,000 hospitals and 35,000 long term care facilities in the U.S. as reported in a 2009 EPA Study on the Health Care Industry and Unused Pharmaceuticals.

Rx Destroyer™ product is a market leader in drug disposal compliance for hospitals and healthcare facilities with safe, easy and affordable drug disposal solutions. Rx DestroyerTM begins dissolving medications on contact. As medications are dispersed in the activated carbon slurry, diversion is discouraged and potential environmental harm is reduced. We offer on site training, phone support or web-based tutorials to quickly get your facility compliant.

Controlled Substance Disposal in Hospitals

Hospitals, pharmacies and other businesses which generate pharmaceutical waste must comply with all local, state, tribal and federal environmental regulations. A 2014 DEA Ruling, The Disposal Act amended the Controlled Substances Act to give more options for proper disposal of medications in hospitals. Strict compliance to these closely regulated policies on controlled substance disposal in hospitals is critical to prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination.

The DEA is continually performing studies of water supplies and the effect of pharmaceutical waste while raising awareness on the importance of pharmaceutical waste management in hospitals. As part of a supplemental information letter issued by the DEA regarding the Disposal Act of 2014, further instruction was given for hospital staff regarding the disposal of controlled substances: “The DEA registrant shall not place such remaining, unusable controlled substance in a collection receptacle as a means of disposal. Hospital/clinic staff must also not dispose of any controlled substances in inventory or stock in a collection receptacle”.

Emphasis is placed on the proper recording and destruction of controlled substance waste in accordance with 21 C.F.R. § 1304.22(c) and the new disposal regulations in Part 1317 which do not alter the existing obligations to destroy pharmaceutical waste in accordance with all local, state, tribal and federal regulations. Rx DestroyerTM begins dissolving medications on contact. As medications are dispersed in the activated carbon slurry, diversion is discouraged and potential environmental harm is reduced…

Instruction for Proper Disposal of Medications in Hospitals

A key factor of improper disposal methods is found to be in the lack of patients and clinicians receiving instructions for the proper disposal of medications in hospitals. In the past, many healthcare facilities simply flushed unused or outdated medication down the drain which has been found to be a significant factor in the presence of pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment. The EPA continues to study the effects of pharmaceutical waste in waterways and emphasizes awareness of the most recent regulations for proper disposal as outlined in the 2014 Disposal Act.


Implementing a safe, quick and easy drug disposal system such as with Rx Destroyer™ products will help:

Implementing a policy for immediate destruction of unused medication and controlled substances will help to prevent drug diversion by patients and hospital staff. Rx Destroyer™ on-site drug disposal products are proven to provide convenient methods to busy hospitals and surgical centers, with quick, easy and affordable drug disposal of medication waste.


Rx Destroyer™ provides safe and easy solutions for the disposal of controlled substances in hospitals and acute care environments.

Our easy to use containers range in size from 4 oz. for proper disposal of controlled drugs in domiciliary care homes, with many options available for larger containers such as 16 oz., 64 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gallon and up to 30 gallon drums to accommodate various sizes of organizations and health care facilities.

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We provide on-site training, tutorials and education to help inform hospital staff on the proper medication disposal methods.

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Rx Destroyer™ is dedicated to the mission of saving water, saving lives…one prescription at a time. compliance solutions to DEA and EPA regulations with proven methods for the proper disposal of medications in hospitals.