Emergency Medical Services TrandsEmergency medical technicians across the country face critical issues on a daily basis in addition to the increasing issues facing the profession. There are more than 1 million emergency responders in the United States, although according to a report published by Morning Consult, more than one in five healthcare workers have left their jobs during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Workers in the medical field cite burnout and poor pay as the main reasons for their resignations or layoffs.

This loss of experienced workers coupled with the pandemic has created growing operational challenges as we wrap up 2021 and head into 2022. Recruiting staff will continue to be a focus point and EMTs weigh in on strategic ways to advocate for them and their profession.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment 

Creating a healthy workplace environment with employers that focus on the mental health of their staff is critical to retain qualified employees. According to a study published by CNBC, nearly half of all millennials say they have left a job due to mental health issues. Acknowledging mental drain and advocating for services to address stress, anxiety, and depression in the workplace is critical to retain staff and reduce turnover.

Prevent Burnout 

Due to the industry pay scale, it is not uncommon for EMTs to juggle more than one job. Just like pilots must be rested prior to flying a plane, similar guidelines to make rest mandatory for EMTs would help to prevent burnout so they can focus on their job.

Reimbursement and Pay

Maintaining a healthy workplace is a critical factor along with adequate pay and financial recognition to experienced healthcare staff. Recruitment and increasing reimbursement so that facilities are more financially able to recognize and take care of their staff is critical to retain EMTs and healthcare workers.

Provide Safe and Efficient Tools for EMT 

As EMTs are dealing with critical, potentially life-threatening situations, operating with burnout and financial stress on top of it may cause distractions in a field where there is no room for mistake. Providing safe and efficient tools such as an easy method to dispose of medications while on the job can help EMTs to focus on what is most important.

A pharmaceutical waste disposal system that is easy to use, safe and efficient helps EMTs to keep moving and do what they do best. Rx Destroyer™ is an easy to use medication waste disposal container that helps the emergency medical industry to safely discard unused or illicit medications experienced in the field.

Rx Destroyer™ Helps EMS Agencies with Medication Disposal

Whether EMTs are faced with medication to discard on an ambulance call or in a hospital emergency department, having a safe and effective method to dispose of unused medications helps to prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination. The Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act of 2017, PPAEMA, allows for EMS ambulance providers to obtain a DEA registration which allows administration of controlled substances in their state. EMS agencies must be proactive to address the scrutiny and maintain accountability for tracking and properly disposing of all controlled substances. Maintaining accurate inventory, chain of custody, and proper disposal records is key to maintaining DEA compliance and protecting EMS staff.

C2R Global Manufacturing offers Rx Destroyer™ to EMS agencies as a safe and efficient method of proper drug disposal. Healthcare workers can simply discard unused medication right into the container where chemical digestion of medication begins on contact to render pharmaceuticals non-retrievable. Contact us to learn more about how Rx Destroyer™ can help EMTs in the field.