The patent-pending Rx Destroyer™ incorporates vented-cap technology and reformulated with user-friendly ingredients to safely destroy unwanted medications. Medication Disposal in a Bottle™. Simply, look for the RED cap. Rx Destroyer™ is the only disposal product in the market that self regulates bottle pressure to allow safe and secure disposal of co-mingled medications. Rx Destroyer™ will remain fresh and last longer due to anti-mold and anti-bacteria agents. If the Rx Destroyer™ solution is ingested, anti-abuse agents will induce vomiting.


Our staff pharmacist was instrumental in the development and testing of Rx Destroyer™ chemical digestion solution. Rx Destroyer™ requires no additives to activate and is ready-to-use. Each bottle is formulated to destroy the amount of drugs that fits into the bottle. Rx Destroyer™ meets “non-retrievable” DEA standards for controlled substances. It also supports EPA and FDA efforts for responsible drug disposal. When the Rx Destroyer™ bottle is full, simply discard the bottle and its contents into common garbage.