Pharma Waste Disposal In Med SpasMedical Spas, commonly referred to as Med Spas, have been gaining in popularity and offer non-surgical, spa-like cosmetic treatments. Aesthetic procedures such as laser hair removal, Botox injections, medical grade skin peels, laser vein therapy, permanent tattooed makeup and so forth are just some of the services offered at med spas.  Med Spas are considered as healthcare providers and are held accountable to the same standards as other medical facilities including the management and disposal of regulated medical waste.

Who Is Responsible for Pharmaceutical Waste at Med Spas? 

All Med Spas generate medical waste such as sharps, bottles, and vials used for any injectable procedure.  Sharps must be disposed of in a proper sharps container and vials containing trace amounts of fillers or injectables are not to be disposed of in the trash can or down the drain. Any such injectables should be considered as pharmaceutical waste and disposed of properly according to federal and state regulations. It is the provider’s responsibility to identify and determine hazardous and nonhazardous waste pharmaceuticals.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 40, part 261, the Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals, there are many challenges present in making such determinations such as active pharmaceutical ingredients even in small amounts that are considered as acute hazardous waste. The rule states that it is the responsibility of the generator to determine if the waste is hazardous, including solid waste that are pharmaceuticals. The generator must properly manage and dispose of all pharmaceutical waste according to state, local, and federal environmental regulations.

These rules apply to aestheticians, nurses, and physicians who are all responsible for knowing how to properly segregate and dispose of medications, including sharps and other medication waste according to the FDA, EPA, DEA, OSHA, and the CDC.  Med Spas that participate in membership with the American Med Spa Association have access to various state regulations and applicable laws pertaining to Med Spas.

Rx Destroyer™ Convenient for Med Spa Medication Disposal 

Rx Destroyer™ is an easy to use drug disposal product that meets the pharmaceutical waste disposal needs of various medical facilities.  Rx Destroyer™ is available in various sizes and allows for safe and efficient drug disposal, featuring a patented* solution that destroys drugs through chemical digestion. Chemical digestion is a DEA compliant method of drug destruction and begins to neutralize medications on contact. In many cases, Rx Destroyer™ can simply be discarded into the common trash, although every waste generator is responsible to adhere to local, state, and tribal regulations.

C2R Global Manufacturing offers Rx Destroyer™ with a patented* formula that begins to neutralize medications on contact.  We offer turnkey solutions including easy to use Rx Destroyer™ products, DEA compliance consultations, waste haulers and mail back programs to meet the needs of various facilities.  Contact us to learn more about safe and compliant medication disposal for Med Spas.