The healthcare industry has been faced with confusing regulations regarding pharmaceutical waste management for more than a decade.  Drug disposal regulations can vary from state to state and greatly impact compliance.  Healthcare workers and nursing staff are focused on treating patients and are juggling multiple priorities.

Maintaining compliance is challenging in busy hospitals, surgical centers and long-term care facilities.  Many hospitals are currently operating without meeting federal, state and local drug disposal compliance.

Common Pharmaceutical Waste Management Challenges

Common challenges to meeting medication waste disposal regulations in the current healthcare environment include:

Education and training is lacking – many hospitals and healthcare facilities make the mistake of not educating and training the entire nursing staff on proper drug disposal procedures.

Nursing staff often has no input on their pharmaceutical waste program – nurses are often the unofficial center of a hospital’s drug disposal system yet have no contribution to develop, maintain or control the program.

The number of pharmaceutical waste categories is overwhelming – maintaining compliance to a long list of various drug categories can be overwhelming along with meeting the number of demanding daily responsibilities.

Confusing collection containers – nursing staff must be professionally trained on the types of medication and the appropriate container for disposal.  This goes back to education, training and an overwhelmed nursing staff. 

Due to these challenges affecting proper pharmaceutical waste management, many organizations experience significant and costly losses.  Unsuccessful implementation of a drug disposal system in healthcare settings lead to a lack of compliance which puts the organization at risk for hefty fines.  In addition to not meeting compliance regulations, organizations may be contributing to environment contamination or drug diversion.

Rx Destroyer™ Offers Easy Solutions for Pharmaceutical Waste Management 

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is a market leader in providing safe, easy and affordable drug disposal solutions to many healthcare settings including hospitals, ERs, acute care clinics and long-term care facilities.  We partner with our customers to provide on-site training, seamless implementation and education to meet all federal regulations on pharmaceutical and controlled substance waste disposal.  Our convenient containers come in a range of sizes and instantly render medications non-retrievable meeting DEA and EPA regulations.  We can help you to develop a quick and easy drug disposal system that is compliant to CFR 21, 40 and 42 with compliance consultations from our knowledgeable staff.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is dedicated to providing safe and easy drug disposal solutions which are DEA and EPA compliant.  Our convenient containers are easy to use and instantly neutralize medications with a patented*, fast-acting formula to render them non-retrievable.  Contact us to learn more about our solutions to the many challenges facing pharmaceutical waste management in healthcare.