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Always follow recommended guidelines of your facility, local, state, tribal and federal regulatory agencies for proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste. If your facility requires and does not have a pharmaceutical waste service provider, Rx Destroyer™ can recommend a service provider. Below are links to education and various regulatory agencies and organizations that address pharmaceutical waste disposal. We will continue to update this information.

Federal Specific Links:

DEA Disposal of Controlled Substances Brief: “Existing DEA regulations do not specify a standard to which controlled substances must be destroyed. With this final rule, the DEA is implementing a standard of destruction—non-retrievable—for registrants that destroy controlled substances, and procedures for the destruction of controlled substances. 21 CFR 1300.05 (‘‘non-retrievable’’), 1317.90, and 1317.95. The DEA is not requiring a particular method of destruction, so long as the desired result is achieved. This standard is intended to allow public and private entities to develop a variety of destruction methods that are secure, convenient, and responsible, consistent with preventing the diversion of such substances. Destruction of controlled substances must also meet all other applicable Federal, State, tribal, and local laws and regulations. Once a controlled substance is rendered ‘‘non-retrievable,’’ it is no longer subject to the requirements of the DEA regulations.”

State Reference Guide to Incineration* – The following states or districts require DEA Registrants and Generators to incinerate pharmaceutical waste:

California | Washington | Maryland | Washington D.C. | New York | Missouri | Louisiana | New Mexico | Colorado | Minnesota

*Ultimate Users may continue to dispose Rx Destroyer™ into common trash. Please visit state for specifics and or improvements to rules and regulations.

The above quick reference guide and state links are dynamic and maintained to the best of our ability. Information is made available as a convenience to future and current Rx Destroyer™ customers. Reader understands information, links, rules, processes may change without notice. Users of Rx Destroyer™ products agree to perform due diligence in understanding and abide by specific process, rules and laws by which they are governed. 

To assist in your search on state websites, consider the following terms:

  • Non-Hazardous Waste | Pharmaceutical Waste | Medication Disposal
  • Destruction of Collected Pharmaceuticals | Landfill non-RCRA Waste

We appreciate any updates to your state’s guidelines link, please forward information to cs@rxdestroyer.com.

Thank you.

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