CS Waste Safety and Healthcare StaffIt is critical for healthcare facilities such as long term care facilities and hospitals to properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste for controlled substance waste safety. The improper disposal of medications and controlled substances leads to environmental contamination and drug diversion.  Drug diversion in hospitals is a serious risk for healthcare staff and patients.

Long term care facilities and hospitals are responsible for the majority of medication waste.  These facilities along with other industries which dispense controlled substances must follow DEA and EPA guidelines to document and control all pharmaceuticals and medication waste with proper procedures.  All healthcare facilities must comply with these federal regulations, as well as their facility, state, tribal and local regulations.

Controlled Substance Waste Safety and Compliance 

Pharmacies, hospitals and many other healthcare facilities that generate pharmaceutical waste must adhere to the 2014 DEA Ruling which amended the Controlled Substances Act.  This 2014 ruling provided additional options to healthcare facilities and hospitals for the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals.  Prior to this ruling, many facilities simply flushed medications down the drain which led to significant contamination of waterways and the environment, and also contributed to misuse and drug diversion.

Using a disposal method that renders these medications non-retrievable provides a solution with controlled substance waste safety for staff and the environment. C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. provides a solution by partnering with hospitals to educate staff and seamlessly implement a compliant drug disposal system.  The patented* formula in our convenient containers immediately renders medications non-retrievable to prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to preventing drug diversion and environmental contamination by educating our customers and providing simple, safe and affordable CS waste solutions.  Our customers rely upon our education, training and industry insight for safe and compliant drug disposal systems.  Contact us to learn more about our easy to use, EPA and DEA compliant drug disposal systems.