Pharmaceutical Management At Healthcare Facilities Pharmaceuticals make their way through the supply chain, landing at healthcare facilities as the last stop.  Medications are necessary to improve quality of life for  people with many conditions. Managing the supply chain of pharmaceuticals at the facility level is critical to the quality of health care that patients receive. The health care system must have the required drug in stock or patients lose faith in the facility.  A constant supply of medications is needed to contribute to quality health care for patients and so that healthcare staff can do their job.

Managing Drug Inventory in Healthcare

Systems must be in place in the healthcare facility to ensure proper management of drug inventory.  These systems must include accurate record keeping, effective monitoring, stock rotation and monitoring of expiration dates as well as theft and fire protection. An effective ordering system, storage, dispensing, and drug disposal systems are all part of an effective drug management program in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Proper Drug Disposal in Healthcare 

As the last link in the pharmaceutical supply chain, healthcare facilities must be concerned about the proper disposal of all medications in their facility.  Drugs that must be discarded include patient prescriptions that are no longer needed such as when a change in medication is ordered and part of a prescription is left over or liquid administered drugs that leave medication in vials and syringes.

Facilities must have a disposal program for all staff to wear the correct personal protective equipment and dispose of sharps properly in a sharps container. Training must be provided for proper disposal practices including secure and safe disposal of all medications with the proper documentation such as witness logs and electronic inventory tracking.

All expired and unused medications must be disposed of correctly to prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination.  Many healthcare facilities used to simply flush medications down the drain, this is no longer allowed for most medications in most states due to the significant potential to contaminate the water supply.

Rx Destroyer™: Easy Drug Disposal Product for Healthcare Facilities

Rx Destroyer™ is an easy to use drug disposal product that is an important part of safe and compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal in healthcare facilities.  Rx Destroyer™ All Purpose and Rx Destroyer™ for Liquids provides a convenient method of drug disposal for busy healthcare staff.  The patented* formula begins to quickly neutralize medications through chemical digestion, a method of drug destruction compliant with DEA regulations.

C2R Global Manufacturing is the maker of Rx Destroyer™ available in a wide selection of sizes to meet the needs of various healthcare facilities.  Rx Destroyer™ is quick and easy to ensure safe drug disposal in a busy environment.  Contact us to learn more about our easy to use products and turnkey drug disposal solutions.