Legal ImplicationsIt is important for all healthcare facilities to follow a proper controlled substance (CS) waste program to prevent drug diversion and environmental contamination.  Drugs defined as controlled substances are proven to have the potential for dependence or abuse and are regulated by the DEA with the Controlled Substances Act.  This act lists all defined controlled substances divided into five categories, or schedules:

Schedule I – involves drugs that have no medical use such as heroin

Schedule II – these drugs have a medical use but also have a high potential for abuse such as morphine

Schedule III through V – drugs in this category have a decreased potential for abuse and range from cough suppressants to sedatives such as codeine

The proper disposal of these types of medications must meet DEA regulations which means they must be rendered irretrievable and unavailable for further use.  Disposing of drugs so that they are non-retrievable immediately alters the physical or chemical condition of the drug with irreversible means.  Controlled substances should never be placed in a sharps container or into any non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste container, as they could still be removed and misused which makes them retrievable.

Registrants of controlled substances must provide effective controls and procedures to prevent drug diversion and theft.  The Controlled Substances Act imposes requirements for accountability of all registered handlers of controlled substances.  All controlled substances must maintain a detailed chain of custody with strict records in compliance with all federal laws.  Healthcare facilities face many legal implications and fines if found in violation of the CSA.

DEA Compliant Controlled Substance Waste Program 

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. provides DEA compliant CS waste programs to hospitals, healthcare facilities, long term care facilities, pharmacies and more industries with safe, easy and affordable drug disposal systems.  We offer a wide range of convenient containers which render pharmaceuticals non-retrievable, meeting DEA regulations.  Our team of experts partner with you to establish a CS waste program quickly and seamlessly.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. provides compliance consultations, phone-support and on-site training to help our customers maintain compliant drug disposal systems.  Our patented* formula instantly neutralizes medications without the need to add water or batteries.  Contact us to learn how to get your facility compliant with a controlled substance waste program.