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Rx Destroyer™ is the safe and easy to use pharmaceutical waste disposal system that meets the needs of many industries where prescription medications are used.  No longer can facilities flush most medications down the drain as a means to dispose of expired or unused prescriptions.

Facilities that dispose of pharmaceuticals are in need of a drug disposal system that is convenient in their fast paced environment and provides all the protections that compliant drug disposal systems require.

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It’s easy to order Rx Destroyer™ for your facility, just check the Distributor Map for a list of distributors located across North America. The map may not reflect the most recent changes, feel free to contact us to ensure that you find the distributor to meet your needs.


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Rx Destroyer™ Products

 Rx Destroyer™ is available in two formulations with Rx Destroyer™ All Purpose and Rx Destroyer™ for Liquids. You can dispose of DEA-controlled and Non-controlled medications such as pills, tablets, capsules, lozenges, liquids, suppositories, patches, and fentanyl lollipops with the All Purpose drug disposal system. Dispose of liquid medications only such as syringe injectables in the Rx Destroyer™ for Liquids and add a Rx Destroyer™ Hardener pouch when full, within 2 inches from the top.

Accessories include a lock box, wall mounts, funnels, funnels with a secure lid, and vented caps.

Do not add gassing medications such as antacids or effervescent, and do not dispose of hardware like syringes into the Rx Destroyer™ product. Consult with your pharmacist regarding combinations of medications that could produce gasses.

Rx Destroyer™ comes ready to use, with no need to add batteries, additives or water. The simple drug disposal system allows for easy loading of medication into the bottle, with a funnel available for easy disposal. The patented* formula of activated carbon begins to neutralize medications on contact with chemical digestion, a method of pharmaceutical waste disposal that meets DEA regulations.


Turnkey Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Solutions

 In addition to easy to use Rx Destroyer™ products, C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. offers turnkey pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions with waste haulers and mail back services. We can help you find the best distributor for you and the waste hauler to meet your needs. We also provide DEA consulting services with our strategic partner, GTC Consulting Services to ensure full compliance to existing DEA drug disposal regulations.


C2R Global offers a wide selection of innovative, easy to use pharmaceutical waste disposal products. Rx Destroyer™ helps facilities to maintain a compliant drug disposal practice while helping to protect the environment and prevent drug diversion.  Contact us to order the best Rx Destroyer™ for your facility and join us in our mission of saving water, saving lives…one prescription at a time.