Pharmaceutical Waste Regulations in Effect in Washington StateNew requirements for managing dangerous pharmaceutical waste went into effect on October 31, 2020, in the state of Washington under legislation WAC-173-303-555. The Department of Ecology in the state of Washington is the agency in charge of protecting the environment in the state and offers assistance to healthcare facilities to comply with this recent legislation to help protect the environment.

Pharmaceuticals Contaminate Water and Fish in Puget Sound

Pharmaceuticals have been detected in sediments, water and fish in studies conducted across the country, and when waters in Puget Sound were tested in September of 2014, drugs were found in salmon due to tainted wastewater. Puget Sound is an inlet off the Pacific Ocean on the northwestern coastline of the state of Washington, with abundant wildlife, forested shores, and the port of Seattle. Juvenile chinook in the area were found to contain a cocktail of drugs including ibuprofen, cholesterol medication, Prozac, Lipitor, OxyContin, nicotine and caffeine to name a few. Chemicals were present in the water and the tissue of migratory salmon and resident staghorn sculpin. In fact, the levels of drugs in these waters were found to be among the highest in the nation.

Additionally, every single fish tested in the estuary waters intended as clean reference control waters which received no water from direct discharge of municipal wastewater treatment plants also tested positive for a cocktail of chemicals.

Department of Ecology in Washington State Helps Facilities Comply

The Department of Ecology in Washington State helps healthcare facilities and businesses comply with this latest legislation with assistance in understanding the Waste Pharmaceutical Guide. Here you can find additional information regarding help in managing dangerous waste pharmaceuticals, watch a free web presentation on the new regulations, download a guide for healthcare workers and facility managers as well as find access to an interim pharmaceutical waste management policy. 

Rx Destroyer™ Protects the Environment

Rx Destroyer™ is a pharmaceutical waste disposal system that neutralizes medications on contact through an activated carbon patented* formula and destroys medications through chemical digestion. This is an approved method of drug destruction under federal DEA regulations and in many cases, the products are then safe to simply throw in the trash without harming the environment.  Many facilities and states have legislation that requires disposed drugs to be incinerated or hauled away by a waste hauler.

C2R Global Manufacturing is a pharmaceutical waste disposal company and the maker of Rx Destroyer™ and offers turnkey solutions for healthcare facilities with easy-to-use drug disposal products in a wide range of sizes, waste haulers and mail-back options as well as DEA compliance consultation. Rx Destroyer™ makes it easy for facilities to dispose of medications including pills, tablets, lozenges, patches, capsules, suppositories, Fentanyl lollipops and more.  Rx Destroyer™ also provides drug disposal solutions for liquid medications and syringe injectables.

C2R Global is your one stop for drug disposal products that protect the environment and eliminate harmful chemicals from leaching into waterways. You can find Rx Destroyer™ in healthcare facilities across the country as an important part of drug disposal policies and procedures.  Contact us for a free sample and to learn more about how Rx Destroyer™ protects the environment.