Drug Disposal RegulationsThe Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) issues regulations regarding the handling and disposing of controlled substances to ensure safety to the environment and to prevent these types of drugs from falling into the wrong hands.  Healthcare facilities that must dispose of pharmaceuticals and controlled substances can face significant fines for improper disposal.  Meeting all local, state, and federal regulations is critical to ensure that your facility is operating safely and without undue liability.

Correct Drug Disposal Methods

An effective drug disposal program is vital for companies that manage pharmaceuticals.  The chosen method of drug disposal must be compliant with DEA regulations, which includes chemical digestion as a compliant method of drug destruction.  Products like Rx Destroyer™ are safe and easy to use with chemical digestion that meet DEA requirements for drug destruction.

With chemical digestion, drugs are simply dropped into the container where they immediately become non-retrievable.  This protects the facility and staff from drug diversion of controlled substances and protects the environment.

Training and Management of Programs

 Employers must have a robust training program in place that teaches staff the importance of proper drug disposal and how to meet all safety standards and regulations issued by the DEA.  Training initiatives should keep staff up to date on changes and quickly address important hazards before they become an issue.

DEA Compliance Consultation

For companies that want to ensure total compliance to DEA requirements regarding the safe disposal of drugs and controlled substances, C2R Global has partnered with GTC Consulting for experienced and professional consultation.  GTC Consulting is recognized for outstanding performance by both the DEA and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

GTC Consulting provides experienced DEA compliance consultation services to drug distributors and other customers requiring compliance related to:

  • Drug Distributor Accreditation Support (VAWD) – SOP development,
  • Site Inspections – risk mitigation and on-site inspections
  • DEA Compliance & Litigation Support – including suspicious order monitoring system development and compliance to DEA 21 CFR 1301 – 1321.
  • Pharmaceutical Licensing Support – status checks, routine follow ups and troubleshooting

Combining the right drug disposal products and methods with DEA compliance consulting is the best way to mitigate non-compliance issues, hefty fines, and problems with drug diversion or environmental contamination.

Rx Destroyer™ is an important part of many DEA compliant drug disposal practices in healthcare facilities across North America.  C2R Global is your one stop for easy to use products, DEA consulting, and assistance with finding a waste hauler or using a mail-back program. Contact us to learn more about getting compliant with DEA drug disposal regulations.