DEA CompliantMaintaining a drug disposal system that is compliant to all DEA regulations is critical for facilities to prevent environmental contamination and drug diversion.  All too frequently, healthcare workers are not properly trained on drug disposal practices that meet regulatory requirements and in some cases are even instructed to dispose of medications in a dangerous and non-compliant manner such as flushing down the drain. Many regulations cover the safe and compliant methods of pharmaceutical waste disposal issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities must educate staff on the proper and compliant methods of drug disposal to protect the environment, staff, and patients. Diversion of controlled substances is an epidemic in the United States and contributes to the national crisis of opioid overdoses and deaths.  The national opioid epidemic in the U.S. costs millions of dollars, countless lives and contributes to pollution of our water supply.

Implementing a safe and compliant drug disposal system is critical to combat pollution, drug diversion and to protect facilities from serious liability.

Drug Disposal Systems Help Protect Facilities

C2R Global Manufacturing offers facilities a safe and easy to use drug disposal product that is an important part of a compliant pharmaceutical waste program.  Rx Destroyer™ helps facilities to meet federal regulations with a patented* solution that begins to neutralize medications on contact through chemical digestion.  This method of drug destruction meets the most recent DEA regulations for drug disposal, which helps to protect the environment and prevent drug diversion.

We offer easy to use products and DEA compliance consultation through our valued partner, GTC Consulting.  With recommended waste haulers and mail back programs, Rx Destroyer™ is an important part of a safe and compliant drug disposal plan.

C2R Global is a leader in safe drug disposal products that help facilities maintain compliance and prevent environmental contamination.  Together, we can help to save water, and save lives through responsible drug disposal.  Contact us for more information on implementing safe and compliant pharmaceutical waste systems.